Server lag on Oculus Quest 2

I keep experiencing horrible lag when there’s near max player count. Ive been playing with it for some days but today I realized while breaking my 3rd heavy leather roll on a hoarder bag that the lag is so bad. I can’t nail anything when it’s like this its all wonky. Also my archery skill “bullet” keeps not proccing when I go to charge my arrow up at the same time I’ll also notice the wyrms I’m shooting will show the spit animation but nothing will come out of its mouth, or I’ll shoot an arrow at a dodo, it will live and if I’m far enough away and the dodo is knocked back from the arrow it will cause the dodo to despawn and take my arrow with it. Things still keep falling through the floor in the mines. That’s all the major things I’ve noticed that are ruining my experience. I really want to play and be as excited as I was the first few days before I noticed the lag and before my server got 2k people. Love the game otherwise.