Server List Organisation

Firstly, I’d like to say that combining the Official and Community Servers into one list was a great move…

Then again… That has caused a few issues. Having the busiest servers at the top was definitely a bad move. This doesn’t fix the problem of the majority of the Community servers being underpopulated, it just keeps the popular populated.

I suggest reversing the list, and putting all the completely dead servers at the very bottom, putting the most populated servers above that, and then the quieter servers above them. This should help encourage newbies to populate Servers like US3 and The Purge which don’t get much love.

The servers fluctuate constantly as long as there are players on servers. I’ve noticed sometimes US1 is very far down depending on the time and other private servers are higher up because players want to join those. I’d say it would be favoritism of certain servers to bump them up. It would feel quite cheating for one server to one up another just because this one doesn’t get enough love. US3 has been doing pretty well from what I’ve seen. The server list seems to be doing just fine for the moment.

Totally agree.

The populair servers get more populair (official and community)
and the less populair servers are getting pushed down the server list.
This may upset quite some people for example, that their server doesn’t become that populair as they want. Or when their server get TO populair and see preformance issues.

Anyway, I realy think we should go back to the old way

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I like your idea of promoting the servers that aren’t completely dead, but aren’t too full the most, but I’d like to add promoting the official servers a little bit more than player made ones, since, for new players at least, it’s best to start off on an official server (besides PvP) since they don’t have anything extra and all of them (expect the one with PvP in the name) don’t have PvP which could mess up a new player before they learn the game.

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The new list is a great move and still there came some issues with this change.
Without any further blabla I’d like to list my suggestions:

  1. Make public servers public visible (or change the name to hidden)
  2. Ditch completely dead servers (not visited for a month or so) until someone was on
  3. Lower crowded servers early in the listing. Like 8+ to display lesser crowded ones
  4. Let server owners apply for a “feature listing”. A server that will be promoted on top rank for a couple of days or for occasions like events
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