Server "My List" Limit for Quest servers

I know a lot of people here are probably mostly on PC version but I think something that is definitely needed for the quest version is a sort of cap for how many people can be tied to a server, and have it in their my servers list. Since currently you could just have an unlimited number, and a crazy number of regulars, making it a chaotic battle just to get in one of the 8 spots, so I think server owners should have the option to add a player cap on how many people can have the server in their my servers list, making it so that say, if an owner had a 50 cap on that, only 50 people could be tied to the server before it goes private, if one of the people tied to it are inactive for a week or so, or leave the server, another public spot will open up. I think this is definitely needed in some form as an optional setting for server owners since servers are constantly full, and I know a lot of it is just being at launch, but when the rest of the game gets optimized and added it will probably get worse. I think another thing definitely needed is a slot always saved for the server owner, even if that means upping the server count by 1 just to have a reserved spot for them.