Server owner tools

Beeing a server owner is kind of hard in these days. More people would host own servers if there where more options to secure and maintain the server.
Out of my own experience I tried to sum up some very common problems and the needed feature to solve that.

( I know this is a long term thing - so don’t stress yourself guys!)

Known issues

  • Banning a player takes too long.
    When a player gets banned, he is still online on the server and even when kicked, can return pretty quickly. Feels like that ban does need some time to process. Plus a server owner ban != ban by att mod.
    Maybe add some sort of “freeze” command to a ban, setting the movement speed to 0.

  • Renamed users are still listed with their old name in the launcher.
    If a fresh renamed user goes toxic on the server, no server owner is able to see who this really was (old username) and can’t ban that player via launcher.
    Displaying the user ID besides the name could help a lot. Even better would be a list of older names somewhere.

  • Detection of alts is a pain.
    Once banned the toxic players just make an alt and go on with the griefing.
    But how to detect alts? A launcher linked ID would help building up a connection between several accounts using the same launcher. Launcher could just display “Aka playername2, playernam3…”
    Plus the option to see the playtime helps us to detect alts. No new user finishes (or skips) the tutorial to enter a private server directly.

  • Griefers logg off immediately after robbing other players.
    Once an innocent player got robbed, the griefer just logs off and the stolen stuff is gone forever.
    Server owners need a way to look into the inventory. Editing that inventory of online /offline players would be neat but at least a list of stuff would help to spawn it for the robbed player.

  • Squieking, bad language, insults
    Some players are just not capable to use their tongue in a proper way. Muting those players would be a charm.

  • Toxic players flee from mods
    Fleeing mods ain’t prevent from punishment. It just takes more time. Many other server owners wish for a “safe place” to teleport those players to. Best would be a fix teleport spot like the “testing area” to somewhere a player can’t escape via wall hack, teleport-climbing or height manipulation. In this safe spot the server admins would be able to have a word with those griefers or just let them rot until the ban works.

  • Littering the town is no sport
    Seem like some griefers think they can hurt a server by taking all the stuff they find in town and thrown them on a big pile. Mostly at the blacksmith to suck FPS. But finding out the bad apple is nearly impossible, even when you know wich players where online in the last couple of hours. Sometimes the dirt pile is easy to find but mostly we have to glitch through several rocks until the mess shows up.
    Is there a way to subscribe the act of letting an item go? The griefers are fast, pulling out 100 arrows off a pouch just to release them on the ground. So if someone would just throw out x amount of items in x seconds, the server will trigger that subscription. That could lead to a warning for us or at least helps finding out who it was.

  • If you don’t succeed in the first place try elsewhere
    If a player gets banned on other servers and that number rises, you can be sure he will find a way to get banned on yours. But why waiting for the mess? A simple indicator at the players name could help mods and admins to detect rotten apples. Something like a small red dot behind the name will be a warning to other server owners, that this one could be troublesome.

  • when mods / admins around nothing strange will happen
    I know this is requested way too often but at least server owners would chop off a leg or pay for a fly cam. You all know how helpful this is.

Needed tools
(aka conclusion)

To operate the server in a satisfying amount of time (and mostly stressless), the server owners would be thankful for these tools/updates:

In the launcher:

  • see player id of all members
  • see recent name after renaming
  • see playtime of the members
  • update member list more often
  • indicator for troublesome players
  • list of alts, playing from the same launcher
  • quicker ban, maybe add movement speed = 0, or teleport elsewhere
  • flycam (a smol one?)
  • add ruleset f.e. players need to have at least x hours before able to join or only players without trouble indicator can join
  • add launcher / hardware ban

In the dashboard:

  • working bans
  • see playtime of player
  • see inventory of player
  • see alts of player
  • see trouble indicator of player
  • see recent name of player
  • when ban maybe add movement speed = 0, or teleport elsewhere
  • litter subscription
  • add teleport to safe spot
  • mute players
  • add launcher / hardware ban
  • mute player

I havn’t thought of looking into others inventory and banks. good idea


seeing all the accounts of a person/see alt accounts is a huge invasion of privacy and hardware ban should not be given to a private server owner. muting would tarnish the whole idea of freedom of speach and destroy the towny vibe of att. its clear to say that you dont know how to handle a private server. you should instead work with what you have and try to be a better person for the trolls/griefers. you silly billy

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OOOOOOOOOO IS THIS THE REAL GAYTAANA?!?!?!? Huge fan, like yeah such a invasion of privacy especially when people ban evade and come on private servers posting appropriate images on their discord. Use hacks like god mode and speed hacks. I think they mean hardware ban from their server. Also this isn’t America, this is a private server we don’t have freedom of speech. Also saying the n word and other things should be mutable.

This is probably not the best time to bring this up, but when are you paying for those feet pics???

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" try to be a better person for the trolls/griefers"
I’d like to see your definition of how a server owner should be a better person for griefers and why?
This all would be no topic if you would be a better person as a player and stop trolling/griefing.


Funny thing that you ask for privacy after doxing my name.
Can’t take your post serious under this circumstances.

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I do Like the idea of those server tools alot to be honest. After my experience with the trolls/griefers in the comments so you get a upvote from me


we have freedom of speach. that is why blizzard got canceled when they supported china against hong kong silly billy

Yes we have freedom of speech, but there some exceptions that are a bit no no (like saying the n-word or the nazi greet or icon and stuff like that) and trolls/griefers are the the second lowest scum of gamers (cheaters are the lowest) even noobs are seen in a better light then them.


so trollers and hackers are a minority in a minority and are are also hated by gamers. dont you feel bad for them? i feel bad but im not a hacker or troller or griefer im an epic gamer girl with big whoo whoos

server owners and mods are a minority too and you don’t seem to feel bad for them, at all.
So dry up your fake tears and please leave this discussion if you don’t have any constructive thoughts on the main topic.


Do i feel bad with murderers, vandalist and so even if they are a minority in a minority, nope.

Also i heard your voice ones ingame, you sounded like a 12 a 14 year old boy.


i am a 20 year old woman mind you. and an internet troll is way different than a serial killer bruh
you simply cant compare those two they are on a whole other level. one of them is an actual problem while the other is just a little fun

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my tears are wet and i have constructive thoughts im saying that the people trolling you might be opressed and feel like they are second class citizens

I was not comparing the troll to a serial killer, i was comparing the troll to the vandalist and the hacker to a serial killer, which in almost all other games trolled get punished and hackers get banned.

you are comparing apples with oranges my friend. an internet hacker is not on the same level as a vandalist or a murderer. a more big big natural thing would compare them with gods like the one from anime thingies because they are gods

oppressed by what? I don’t force anyone to play on my server. It’s people like you that oppress us server owners to change from open to public or private. If player like you would behave and cut that what you discribe as “fun” this whole thread wouldn’t be necessary

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i understand lets your point but lets not argue anymore ok peace peace peace

You can’t cry for peace after trolling and slandering peoples names for weeks. lmao

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im not trolling or slandering homie doo doo