Server Prestige

A somewhat basic upvote-downvote system for ranking servers on the serverboard that could contribute to unlocking more options for server customisation and moderation tools.

Core concept
With the somewhat recent discussion of string items and spawning prefabs on Quest servers, I’ve been considering outlets for these systems to continue. While I personally don’t see much value in a custom weapon or spawned-in statue in the middle of Town, others obviously do, however so far there hasn’t been an attempt to restrict and limit the capabilities of these tools (instead they’ve just been banned). Similarly, Flycam has remained an Alta-appointed moderator-only function for years now, despite providing much utility to independent server owners and their administration team.

I would thus like to propose a system for providing these more advanced options in a safe and restricted way through crowdsourcing server prestige. This prestige system would work simply: you could upvote or downvote the servers that you do or don’t like, and based on that the server owners would unlock more capabilities. This way, servers that have irresponsible owners and poor management would not be provided with these capabilities, but those that are competent would.

Prestige rewards could include Flycam access for a designated number of the admin team (maybe 1 slot for the first prestige rank, 2 for the next, etc), capability to spawn a small number of inoffensive and safe strings/prefabs, etc.

I’m sure there’s some flaws in my reasoning and I’d like to hear them to improve my idea, but right now I see this as a potentially very useful and relatively safe way to restore power to server owners.