Server resetting a bunch of times

Server resetting a bunch of times by the admin is super annoying, I dont want waste time playing when my long hard progress that took hours to obtain just resets and lose everything back to the beginning, and what’s the point in filling up all the chests with everything , there is no point in going into the mines then or to go chop down trees because why do that when it’s already done for you. Ugh hate when I’m trying to play and they keep changing night to day day to night, would be fun if you took the cheating ability or super easy mode away, there is no challenge in this game when you can just instantly have all items instantly. Every server I waste time on does this or constantly resets everything. My server isn’t using cheats or mods, you have to do that work yourself and grind and I won’t reset shit. A Crownship Tale is my server, join

This is not an issue with the game in the slightest; it’s an issue with the staff of the servers you play on.

I know and it’s annoying