Server shuts down on leaving

so since creating a server with my subscriber on pc, whenever i am not online and in the game, the server seems to be shut down, i have to boot up my vr and join it to open the server but when i leave my friends get kicked, i dont really understand why, as ive been told it shouldnt be like that, just wondering if theres something needed to be done on my end to make it dedicated

Server name : Atmosville

Discord Username: AtmosDefiler#3067

When the server is unoccupied, it shuts down to save on resources.

It shouldn’t kick other users, or prevent them from joining an empty server, though. When anyone with access to the server tries to join, it should start back up.

Can you double check that they are getting kicked, and that they can’t join an empty server?

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100% shuts down when im not there tried multiple times over the course of i think 3 weeks

just tried again, still no luck, says cannot connect when other people try to join when its empty

Try the ATT discord’s #tech-support channel. I’m able to connect to several empty servers owned by other people, both public and private, so I suspect there is a setting or something that’s preventing yours.

ive tried the discord multiple times, got directed here, did message i think it was Cayde but it was the holidays so i didnt want to bother them

Update. Issue may be resolved.
We’re thinking it may have been a timeout issue.

When first trying to connect, I saw the “Downloading terrain for the Forest” message for 4 minutes, then it went away and I couldn’t log into any server. After restarting ATT, I was able to log in to the server without issue. I never got kicked when Atmosdefiler left the server.

have you checked the server info module in dash? it can give some useful info.

i was checking the dashboard as spaz helped me out and tried connecting, it came online, he bugged out, couldnt join, restarted ATT then was able to join, i didnt notice much in the info other than it switching on, i am thinking it just because im using a europe server and my friends are from NA its timing out when the server first boots