Server tweaks

Economy options for server owners.

Core concept
Server owners and moderators have an option to disable the creation of coins and/or remove coin-making machines. They can also change the in-server starting values for items, meaning that money has a different value.

Personal twist (optional)
I think that it would be best used on servers with dedicated jobs for each person, to stop I_likediamonds2077 over in the tavern from hoarding every coin in the server and not buying anything. However, server owners would also be able to spawn in more coins without removing the limits or putting the coin machines back in.

Ehm server owners are capable of removing coin presses or spawn in new ones if they like. That’s already a thing.
Dunno what you mean by staring values.
The players decide item values through the market

They most likely want to be able to remove gold from the item spawn tables and remove the 20 free gold you’re given to counter inflation.

As if 20gold would hurt the economy.
There are still easy ways to encourage players to spend some coins.

Like mini games, selling materials in fancy textures or other stuff. And every coin that goes to an admin leaves that cycle.