Set up guilds

Set up guilds in game.

Core concept
The possibility to set up guilds in game. There could be a number of blank guilds that can be specified in game by the admin and the guild master. Then you could have ranking, guild house that could be decorated with the guilds banner, in game chats for the guild, chests that are only accessible by the guild members, guild store, area that is run by the guild, profession perks and so on. The guild could then set up missions or quests in game that the members see when they log in and their progression is registered automatically.

Personal twist (optional)
It would be awesome if the guilds could specify the quests themselves. They could also set up guild wars when the guild chests are accessible by non guild members if they find the key, and the key can’t be stored in a backpack, belt or locked chest.

I think this would make more sense for a game with more players. As is, Township Tale is limited to its low player count by the Oculus Quest 1’s specs.

With a max of 8 people on at any one time, a full guild is pretty much just the whole server, and splitting it any-way is essentially just a private party or party VS guild.

What MIGHT be a possible ‘guild’ feature though, would be the devs using access permissions management to personal housing when it comes out, so a group of people can share a ‘house’ as a ‘guild house’. It wouldn’t necessarily mean banners and titles, but it serves the true main purpose of the guild: a group-funded base of operations and comrades to work with.

And oculus quest 2.

The guild house feature could be a problem, as players might pretend to be nice until accepted, then ruin the house.

I would say it would be good because of the low player count. Then it could create some continuity to the game and it would be easier to have multiple people to work for the same goal even if they aren’t online in the same time. You would have guild info like job listing for what needs to be restock and so on. On some servers there is guilds but they are on some external platform and it don’t fully follow in to the game.
There is always the risk of a-holes that want to sabotage but that should be a reason not to do it. Then nothing should be done because there will always be a-holes.

Before I respond… Didn’t you ALREADY have a topic suggesting guilds back in September? Why the new topic?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a guild system (if it made sense). I’d love some little belt flag or chest emblem to indicate rank in a guild or guild alliances. I spent cash in 2011 to make my own guild, Warframe, 2014. I love running groups of gamers, I’d make it a career if it had job security.

But I’m approaching this specific idea with the knowledge I’ve acquired from this forum and some hard logic. It just doesn’t work with a low player count.

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How is everything you suggested any different from what the current state of the game is, other than a maintained list of who does what job in the village? It’s already visibly shown what needs to be restocked in town in number and stacked materials, and why rely on guilds for extra skills when the skill tree could be upgraded instead? If all my friends run a lumberjack guild that I join but I just wanna mine ore, do I just get stuck with a wood material skill?

It divides people further than what’s necessary. It hurts the town by segregating people.
Also really curious how the game lacks continuity…?

Another reason why this probably won’t be a thing: it’s in the name of the game “TOWNship tale”. Every player, regardless of goal or skills, is part of THE town. There will probably only ever be ONE town, cause it’s not townSship tale. So we are all already bound together and intended to co-op. That’s part of the sales pitch for the game: working together. The full town. Not 2 or 3 guilds making up a town, but townsPEOPLE.

Oh I forgot that I already posted that. Sorry.
You might be right. Maby I just got to a server where it doesn’t work that well with guilds as it is now.
I usually get stuck because I need some work done from another guild and it’s no one online, there is not a lot of people in my time zone on the server. Because of work and family I play only once a week and don’t want to wait for other players. Always end up gather my own material and using another guilds house even if it against the rules. Just think it would be easier if it was managed in game instead of out of game. It would also bring some of the activity from the discord server in to the game.
But again. Maybe I should just try some other servers.