Setting for arm length

setting to customize arm length mainly for people with arms longer than the avatar
cause as you can see in these photos my arms go quite a ways past the avatar

Would it need an actual setting, or could they make the game just detect player arm length (as it clearly does already, seeing as it shows your ghost hands) Head and torso size stay the same, so surely just a measure between virtual shoulder and physical hand would dictate the arm length. Maybe it would need to recalibrate every now and again in case people place their controllers on the floor and give themselves freakishly long arms, or just tracking issues.


How about when you pick the avatar you want, you are asked to extend your arms fully in front of you to calibrate arm length, then you can always re-calibrate it if you go back to character editor


I think either a setting or auto callibration would be nice whatever’s easier to do for the devs

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Like Eturian said with the auto calibrate thing, it could seriously mess with it if you put your controllers on the ground. So personally i think calibrating arm length in avatar selection would perfect. And if for whatever reason your arm length gets changed, you can go back to the avatar selection building and re-calibrate.


I think they could program the auto calibration to need the controllers to be active for a while before it happens, since controllers on the ground wouldn’t be moving (or at least they would stay still for most of the time)

But I don’t know how hard that would be to code it.

Just have the calibration require a couple of buttons to be held for a few seconds. Make it impossible for the controllers not to be in your hands while it measures you.


That would be more of an active calibration, but they could have it take snap shots for the calibration when you press buttons.

I also need this. Messes with your head when you cant reach something you know you should be able to reach

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I second this please!
Its really disorienting, just unlock the joint stretch ill take a bit of distortion in my clothing if it means i dont have to take brakes cuss my head doesn’t understand why i cant reach things that are in reach :sweat_smile:

Besides it affects gameplay, combat becomes harder cuss you cant swing properly in a pinch or pick up stuff while running away or even reach the top of shelves without the accessibility stepper :confounded: