Ship building

Idea is to have a large variety of ships you can build so you can travel in water along with a sail and to move it to a different body of water just use an axe to disassemble it use the steering wheel to guide the ship

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Sailing is a fun idea. But I don’t think it works for aTT, and I don’t say that lightly: I’ve sailed during a handful of Summer breaks, and I’ve helped someone to ace a boat piloting license test in the past. I understand the mechanics of sailing first-hand, and I’m passionate about the hobby.

Having the ability to craft and uncraft ships would lead to a variety of issues.

  1. If the ships hold more than 1 person, how do they all move with the ship DIGITALLY. That’s a LOT of numbers and code, to make everyone move.
  2. On top of that, if anyone intentionally OR accidentally axes the ship… Now everyone drowns due to water physics.
  3. Each ship would likely put a whole degree of stress on a server, considering we can’t have more than 8 players without the Oculus turning into a brick. Now imagine if the server players just kept crafting ships…? How many before the server can’t run? 5? 10?
  4. Ships were invented to travel the oceans. We don’t have oceans, and there’d be no point to exploring it, because the devs will probably only ever have 1 town, for TOWNship Tale
  5. If we aren’t exploring with ships, they must serve some other purpose: resources, quests, combat, etc. So which one is it? If it’s combat, that could get VERY complex, VERY fast. If it’s quests, why couldn’t it be accomplished WITHOUT the ship? If it’s resources… What can a ship provide that we couldn’t get from land or a coastline?
  6. Ships require more than wood: hemp/cotton sails, hemp ropes, THOUSANDS of iron nails, if it’s a larger ship there are dozens of mechanisms…

It’s just not worth the dev work required to add it in, in my eyes anyways.
It’s too far off of the game’s original theme: a town.