Short Distance Backpack Teleportation Tool

Well yea! so when i die of fall damage or anything. sometimes the backpack gets s tuck under the ground and much such. SO how bout an way to teleport that backpack, only short distance since we dont want humm… Well we want to loose our items when we die and gotta find them back you know.

Core concept
This Implys that there will be an BAG-ID thats relative to our PLAYER-ID.
Which could potentialy be great for future stuff. like Bagpack Customization on top of leather color.
Or Easily retreaving peoples lost Bag in the river or anywhere By simply searching for that player Bag-id.

Personal twist (optional)
Hm… na i’m cool… Easy item slot pickup with a Spell or usable item?? Expansive item ofc which resides in the pack, and can be used once with another tool to Retrieve the backpack. Value of 1000$ gold, since it uses alot of GOLD and Crystal to Operate?.. I mean :blush: i could go on an on an on… About stuff that could be AWSOME and Probably Great and balanced… But i just wish i could Make that stuff… Imma go play some Township Tale now :slight_smile: <3