Since we have skills for Archery, Fighting, Blacksmithing, wood cutting and mining why not add some for cooking or potion

Brewing potions or cooking meals can be difficult at times and are definitely a major part of the game so why not have skills to help with them, for cooking there could be one like harvester where you get food items from killing chickens or deer aswell as veggies from plants. And for Potion making you could get more resources from mushrooms and so on, or it could give back an ingredient after you make a potion.

Well Alchemy is already planned so that takes care of potions.

As for cooking, it doesn’t seem like the devs are concerned with a skill tree, considering this has been suggested 100 times already and the closest thing to it on the Trello is “More other stuff”, presumably like cooking upgrades/skills.

And that more other stuff is likely 3-6 YEARS from now, unless they hire way more developers…