Sigils, symbols, Crests. A unique social township

The ability to add customizable sigils, symbols, and Crests on person or equipment.

Core concept
The concept of this idea is to add social cohesion and even introduce The idea of organizations within a township tale. The ability to add a symbol on a shield, or on a banner that I can plant into the ground. This concept does not only increase individualism for those who want to be identified via their sigil but also keep the current community intrigued with almost unlimited ideas. But also increases a pull factor for other to play the game. These symbols can also be used to help identify organizations such as potential guilds or clans. The houses that are built could be decorated with custom designs or saved presets. Overall it introduces the idea of creating unique communities without the degradation of those who wish to play solo.

Imagine in a pvp server fighting someone with a lion on their shield, or maybe even face paint? Or seeing. Different organizations working together in a pve server to overcome challenges.

Personal twist (optional)
Customization on this level might need a place to “save” preset designs and also have a way to transfer design from player to player. Possible available in the home screen like character presets. Maybe even the possibility of importing images into the game files. ( an example of this would be like ARK and paint designs).