Signs ! :)

Summary/core concept
a craftable item in the game that players can type on and leave in the world to display messages to other players

Personal twist
my ideas for it currently are that a “signboard” would be craftable in the carpentry stations. then these signboards would be either crafted together with the stakes to place in the ground or placed on backpack hooks or a similar item to hang them on the wall.

Potential issues and fixes
a potential issue is people writing some not so nice things on the signs or spamming signs everywhere.
my fix for this would be only whoever places a sign can edit it and if the sign is picked up it gets wiped. then whenever someone places a sign there name instantly gets placed in the bottom corner

I had the same idea but just wanted to add that I think this would be awsome for leaving messages at places like the carpenter or blacksmith. If your RPGing a profession you can ask for materials using a sign