SleepOver Event

A sleepover where people that attend can join a closed server.
One for US and one for EU (timezone)

Core concept
What im thinking. The server say EU opens late. say 06.00pm and the server will be at nighttime all the time. Where those who join can sit around a campfire just chatting and having fun.
Some may have a guitar connected to their pc and we all sing com ba ya xD
Did this once in VR in Minecraft where we did this. It was a ton of fun. got to know some new people alot better and made some good friends. ( End of it we well asleep in VR)
This would make new players to the game get to know other players.

Personal twist (optional)
Would be cool if it was maybe in area in the woods. And say the event lasts unitl everyone logs off.

Interesting concept… Seems fun to have a bunch of people just hanging out and having a good time in vr.

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Day and night cycles are still client-side, right? It would be very nice to do stuff like this once it’s all server-side and the full day-night cycle lasts longer. Nights in particular are very short.

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What could work is that say the devs makes an clientside update for those servers that the event are going to be on. and they just makes it night on all clientsides for those servers :slight_smile:

lol The time of day is supposed to be server designated, but the clients can put themselves out of sync really easily.

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Everyone I’ve met in-game seems to have different day or nighttime from eachother. Some stumbling around in the dark while it’s bright day for others. How can we avoid putting ourselves out of sync?

I’m assuming it has something to do with log in times and the time progressing faster slower than it should client side, so maybe if you log in at the same time, but if that doesn’t work Idk.

Ahh i rly want this to happen :stuck_out_tongue: