Smeechee Elder

A giant Smeechee (4X player size) stuck in one place with other Smeechees growing from it. These giant Smeechees will have a box that has a similarity to the town hall lockbox lodged within their chest, tempting the player to attack it. The Elder Smeechee will have several attacks, such as; ground slam, stone throw (Only does 2X damage than regular stone), Smeechee army (Several Smeechees break from the elder and attack the player), and a tempting glow which will occasionally pull in players. When killed, the elder will drop the lodged box for quick transfer of ores to the surface. this lockbox cannot be moved, as that would cause exploits. These Smeechee Elders can come in all the delicious flavors of mushroom!

An Elder Smeechee boss to transfer ores and resources to the surface.

Core concept
Once defeated, the Elder Smeechee will drop a box that transfers items to the surface.

Personal twist
Smeechee Elder can be stunned by throwing other Smeechees at it, as it will try to pick up and care for it!