Some Costume ideas

Some probably cool lookin’ designs to think about.

Of Course, We need more full costumes, or of course we’ll have even more redos and such of current designs. Some ideas, are like bundles and such then costumes and of course individual items. But, to the point, since, some people want to run the tavern, why not and inn lady or bartender-like man or woman? Next, some people are paid in game to do chores like, cook meat, clean an area, or make items or building type places for others so, why not a maid, and butler costume for those who do that? As a bundle, many people wanted Animal ears, and horns so why not add it? Next, many people hate or hated the normal att noses since you can’t change the tone, so either make and easier or actual noses that can be changed to the players’ skin tone. Lastly, if you would so please, add more necklaces the swirl necklace was my favorite design but, I never got it and a bundle would be pretty cool if it went of the alta or skill designs.

These are some concepts and pull-ups of the ideas, either forgotten or never seen.

This post is a bit hard to read.

From what I’m getting, you are suggesting.
Server/bartender outfits
Maid and butler outfit.
Add the suggested animal ears and horns.
Make nose colors dependent from skin color.
More necklaces.
And also some stuff about bundling some items and maybe unbundling others, i think?

And now into some of the problems.

A poll of 25 players showed about 52% in favor of adding it into the game and 24% against it. On top of it being a fairly small sample size (large for polls on this site, but we have over 6000 people online that are a part of the discord and even the number of supporters (just online) is 164.) and about have of the players are for it, so it’s more complicated than a ton of people wanting it.

As for the “so why not add it?” is that having a good implementation of them would be key, if they came out to the store as stiff poorly made ears, than both sides wouldn’t be happy, not to mention that they might need their own slot and making good ones would be more work than other cosmetics. Horns on the other hand wouldn’t be as hard, but it would still depend on support for them and if the devs want this in the game lore wise (same as ears and tails).

When the new cosmetic update came out, they changed it so that the nose color was tied to the skin color so it would look better. Also the noses having a a largely different color from the face is part of ATT’s theme and look, I’m sure lots of people like it and it’s part of what makes the look of the game unique and different.

I’m sure they will have more necklaces in future store rotations, so you just have to wait a bit. Bundles seem to be mainly for the items that are not so hard to make and selling them individually wouldn’t make sense with the store system, though the hat bundle was different, I think that was more for the big release of the store.

Overall I like the idea of a maid, butler and bartender outfit, though definitely in a more ATT theme.