Some feedback from a new player on backpacks and early game frustration

This is a follow up to a reddit post I made:

The biggest blocker to enjoying the game I’ve found is this. Getting a backpack. I did not play during the earlier patches, so while the tutorial taught me to throw items into a box to get a backpack, the live game is very different. I have reached such a level of frustration around this issue that it is somewhat killing my interest in the game. Details below.

  1. The requirements for backpacks are extremely high in terms of leather rolls and strips.

  2. Even when I was told that leather drops in boxes in the canyon behind the Town Hall, I was finding 3 different kinds of leather (light, medium and dark). This make it extremely difficult to farm, as having food or other items in the very limited 4 pouches made trying to stack all these rolls impossible. Not to mention I had to leave other interesting items behind. I also have no idea if different leather rolls can be used together to make a backpack or if I now have to farm multiple types.

  3. The crafting pages vagueness is annoying and not fun or clever. Someone was mentioning that different ‘bars’ on recipes are used to indicate amount actually mean much higher numbers, some bars indicate 10x meaning the amount of leather required to make a backpack is now even more daunting. Simple amounts clearly stated make far more sense, being vague when it comes to crafting is not a plus for the user experience.

  4. The lack of backpack holds back all other aspects of the game. Going mining seems pointless if I can’t collect all the great stuff I find due to needing space for food/torches/etc in 4 slots. Why go fighting monsters if you won’t be able to collect much loot due to not having a backpack. Even simply trying to cook or gather wood is limited by missing a backpack.

The online community has been very helpful and I’ve been assisted by strangers in an amazing way. However I do think that a cheap 4-6 pocket backpack made of straw/wood/leather straps would go a huge way in mitigating early player frustration. That and some monsters between the chickens and wyrms, that drop items like leather. Right now the game feels like it has a huge learning curve that is overwhelming at times.

Even when farming leather rolls, I had to ignore so much loot/items that I could have brought back to the town public areas. The lack of an early 6-8 beginner backpack means more loot left on the ground and less being shared with the community.

Looking forward to future updates, obviously this is all a work in progress on a pre-alpha game. I’m excited about continuing to play but the backpack issue is killing a huge amount of my interest right now. Just wanted to share this as I know many veteran plays have backpacks from previous patches so may not be feeling this pain right now.

@JamesCG Leather types can be mixed and matched to make items. If you are having trouble figuring out how to do something, ask another player. I have yet to meet a player who isn’t willing to help you with the game. I do agree that the lack of storage space is too little to be able to grab any item that tickles your fancy, but thats not the kind of game this is.

Sure, but I did not say grabbing any item that tickles my fancy was my objection. It was that the backpack requirements are far too high for starting players and that the crafting system is needlessly arcane in its instructions.

The community is quite helpful, that was never in doubt. However having a bunch of high level players give me things or simply run me through areas killing all the monsters or mining for me is not enjoyable. The choice should not be having high level players do everything for you or suffer playing alone due to game mechanics.

I fully expect updates and changes, it’s pre-alpha after all. I just wanted to highlight the need for an earlier backpack option, something like a 4-6 pouch bag made with early materials (sticks, dry grass, leather straps, etc). This would encourage early crafting, let players make a very useful (I would argue required) item and allow starting players to collect more items to share with the town.

I think a small bag that holds less stuff would be fine, but i think it would be better to just increase the spawn rate of leather, especially green leather. I don’t think 1 green leather per 10 wyrms (probably not accurate, but a guess based on my experience) is very good.

And here we go ->


Wooden Bag added