Some tutorial feedback from a newbie

Brand new player here. I wanted to give you a little feedback from someone with fresh eyes. For context, I am playing on an Oculus Rift (CV1) with the original Touch controllers.

Default movement - If I recall, it defaults to movement on right thumbstick and snap rotation on left thumbstick. This is backwards from what I’m used to being the default. Once I switched to movement on the left and rotation on the right, it was much more comfortable. Not necessarily suggesting you change the default, but it took me quite a while to figure out how to get to the control options to change the settings. My suggestion would be that you either begin the tutorial with access to the controls (and maybe a quick tutorial on the controls) or provide an easier path to accessing the controls.

Avatar creation - The actual creation was fine, lots of great options. What I didn’t understand was how to confirm that I was done. I tried turning the knob that creates a mini version of the current avatar, but there was no indication that did anything else. I finally moved on to Enter World and assumed that was what confirmed my look. However, when trying to find the control options, I transported back to the Avatar creation only to find the look was different than how I left it, which made me wonder if I’m missing something.

Crafting a bag/pouch - It was not clear to me from the signs that a pouch was in my inventory and that a bag was what I would craft in the hut, so I thought my first task involved crafting in the hut. I had not yet discovered how to build a hammer, so I was completely stuck until another player showed up to help. I also didn’t notice any instructions on building tools. Even with them showing me, there was a language barrier, so it took a fair amount of experimentation to figure out that I had to hold a rock and a stick in the proper orientation and then let go of the rock to create a hammer. I kept trying to get them to attach while I still held both parts. I would suggest having an NPC character demonstrating that you must hold them in the correct orientation and then release.

Meta Island - I found the pillars where you had to place your hands to complete the task. I tried to open them. I put my hand on them. I read all the instructions trying to see if I was missing something, but I couldn’t figure out how to complete the tasks. Finally I noticed that if I held my hand still long enough, the pillar began to glow. Not sure of the right solution. Maybe just have the glow start immediately or brighten faster, or pulse, so it’s more obvious.

Overall, I’m quite impressed at what you have created. Once I understood the basics, I began to really enjoy the mechanics of the game. I am concerned that some of the obstacles I encountered above might turn people off, which would be a shame, so I wanted to share my thoughts. Hope you find these helpful!

The game is still pre-alpha. The in game tutorial bits are pretty lackluster as you’ve seen for yourself. The real appeal of the game is working with others though. The experienced players are how you’ll learn most things.

I hope you continue to learn and help other players too. That’s what makes it a township.

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Absolutely understand. Doubt I would have had free access if it wasn’t in pre-alpha. Just figured it was worth sharing my initial impressions. I know sometimes the devs are so close to a product that they lose sight of what it’s like for someone who is brand new. Feedback seemed like the right place to put my thoughts.


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