South American (Spanish/Portuguese) Server

So i got a lot of friends who got VR and i play with spanish friends sometimes, so i though if its considered adding a Spanish/Portuguese South American server at some point? This way people who arent experienced on english can still enjoy the game meeting other folks that also speak the language, and there’s no misunderstanding or annoyance in the English servers.

(to avoid confusion, this isnt a game translation request.)


You’ll have to wait a while, new servers are very hard for the devs to roll out let alone new regions. Plus the cost, it cost tons of money to have this many servers up at once, the devs can’t just roll out new ones. I’m just about sure that there will be Spanish speaking servers someday, but it’s not gonna be for a while.


To add to what @Zebulaun said, there would need to be a visible demand for it. Personally I haven’t heard any players that haven’t spoken English, not that there is any, I just haven’t heard any.

Maybe once the community gets bigger and enough Youtubers that make videos in that language appear we could have some polls on the amount of non English players their are, and what they speak.


We would love to roll out a server for South America at some point but like @Edit said I’m not sure if there is the demand for it right now but I could be wrong. We could start by creating a SA channel on discord and monitor how much activity that gets to gauge how many people would be interested.


Thanks for the reply! Ill try to contact as many Spanish players i know and see what we can do :ok_hand:

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Im from Argentina, i played this game with a few of my friends and we love it!! We’ll appreciate if the devs can add a LA server soon :slight_smile: btw i never speak in game bcause my english its ugly and i cant speak it properly haha i wish my best for the game, see ya! c:


Especially for a free VR game, I believe “if you build it, they will come” would adequately apply. Lack of VR title translations discourages very many uncomfortable with navigating in English. To use Orbus as an example (for those that don’t count its price as an obstacle), one of the first guilds created after the final character wipe in December 2017 was the Spanish guild La Triada, dedicated to congregating the Hispanic community and for those more proficient in English to assist others. However, despite that support, many individuals (nearly 50, estimate based on our guild discord numbers) have been eagerly awaiting the translation (currently in progress, no release date yet though) because of how un-fun they found everything being in English (missing out on experience and story elements) plus needing a guide/interpreter, or having to look up words and terms… they dropped out, waiting, and many more haven’t even bothered to buy just waiting for the game to finally cater to them. Some pop in every few months to ask in Spanish if there’s a release date for the translation yet. As far as Orbus official forum and whatnot goes, it’s not exactly apparent there’s this entire audience waiting, because the only ones there are the Spanish speakers comfortable enough with navigating in English to have joined a site in English (have you ever registered for a site not in a language you’re comfortable with?) plus discussions are almost exclusively English (other languages mostly a guild recruitment post for non-English speakers, usually one guild per language). Effectively, those of us multilingual try to advocate for translations (or in this case at least a server, though I’d push for translation as well) and we’re only the tip of the iceberg - the majority do not have enough capability or confidence to advocate for themselves. Other multilingual individuals accept a translation may never come (I’m still heartbroken Final Fantasy 14 won’t translate to Spanish! So there’s an entire fansite trying to accommodate people) and, since their goal is assimilation and English practice anyway, may not advocate. Thing is, “just learn English” (or whatever target language) isn’t a thoughtful response (not that that’s the argument anyone here is making). Can yall imagine if Nintendo refused to translate anything from Japanese? They had to take that translation leap before entering our market. Granted, those are practically all paid games…

Anyway, my point is, I can assure you there is demand. There’s even people on the fence of getting VR, but why waste that money if there’s barely any games in Spanish? Many more would delve into VR if they felt they were part of the audience, so it’s a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Many developers won’t even consider a translation/server until there’s a hefty Hispanic audience, and many uncomfortable with English won’t delve into VR/ATT until there’s Spanish.

Being a free VR game with funding from Supporters and cosmetic cash shop would be one of your best selling points to the Hispanic audience, and I’m certain you would be pleasantly surprised once you catered to them. Ditto for any widespread language, really.

Since the ATT discord doesn’t have that Spanish channel yet, please create it and let’s see how many we can get there :slight_smile: not all will come, being an English server overall, but at least it’s a start. In the Orbus discord, most of the language channels include a link to the target language discord that mimics and translates the English one.

Back in argument for translation (not my attempt to derail the server idea even without a translation, but the number would seriously increase if a translation came with it), the Orbus official translations are done 100% by volunteers. I saw earlier that one argument against translating ATT so far is that there isn’t much to translate yet, something about easier in bigger batches. I’d like to argue that if the translation capability is there, even if only menu and tutorial stuff, it’s much better than nothing to instigate growth. I’m sure ATT would get volunteer translators in a heartbeat too.

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Sorry I didn’t read this, private servers are coming soon and a Spanish server has been applied for, you can use the search bar to find it and vote for it as well as reply with, “I would play on this!”. Since these private servers are made by players, they can be in whatever language you want, so if there is a large enough community of people who speak one language, they can make a server for that language.

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If there is a whole guild that played Orbus as you say, you could make some straw poll or change. org petition with a link to some ATT content (such as a video that shows enough of the game instead of talking about it in Spanish, make your own video explaining it in Spanish or just voice over an existing video in Spanish (giving credit to the original video creator)) asking the Spanish guild who would be interested in this game if it was translated and their was a Spanish server.

I understand that it might be a situations where no one will act first but I think there is still something to be done to see how many people would support the idea from that community if there was already a whole Orbus guild.

Also means we would mean ATT is better in another thing than Orbus…

Translating the game wouldn’t be too hard since there are so few instances of words in game (basically just signs) so most of the translation needed to be done is on the website.

Uhh, @Airis already applied for that server before making this post.

I think that might be right, a server specifically for that should be enough to see how many people in the Spanish speaking community already have VR headsets, Not sure about anyone else since I don’t think anyone would buy VR just for a game that only supports it in way of a semi official private server.

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lol, didn’t realize it was Airis who applied for the spanish server

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Appreciate the feedback, @Edit and @Zebulaun. We’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

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