Specialized bags

for specialized bags, you could have a 4-slot or 6-slot pouch that goes on your waist

Core concept
the bag would still cost as much as or more than a backpack but has unlimited stack size for wood or ores while still taking a large inventory slot (the right or left slot where tools would normally go)

Personal twist
Some ideas for the specific bags:
-woodcutting/foraging (wood, berries, apples, sticks)
-mining (coal, rocks, limestone, ores)
-smithing (different types of ingots, handles)
-food (food and bones)

No. No specific bags for specific things, why would I want a bag for just wood when I can store unlimited wood in my bag already? Even when they do add stack limits this would still be impractical, its wasting a hip slot for something that you can already store 1000 of in a bag, anyone who carries more than 1000 wood on them can use multiple slots. It would be a waste of time to add something like this that is impractical and useless. Also, there is not limestone int this game.

Well technically there will be specific bags (or something like it) as said in the the Altacast with things that can hold higher stacks, but only certain items like Joel said with a basket (I think) that could only hold wood sticks and a few other wood cutting items, but with the extra stack size. I think hip bags (If added) should just act like mini backpacks for your hips that hold less and take up the hip slots, something if you’d prefer more space over quick access to 1-2 medium items.

I might make a more detailed idea post specifically on the idea of hip bags, so we could have some polls and a post that starts with the base idea of smaller bag on hips.

Nevermind there is already a post Smaller 3/4 slot hip packs for combat focused players with large back mounted weapons though it is more focused around the idea of freeing up the back slot for players with large weapons, though it is also very specific too.

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Yeah, I was about to say, they had things talked out in altacast regarding to some future features of bags and stack limit.
But a waist pouch was also disgussed before I mean a year ago in discord.
And just like @Edit said, it could holds tools or weapons in but it loses easy access as a trade off.
Which in my opinion, once future backpack related features come, I don’t think this waist pouch will still has its place or meaning anywhere.
We will see.

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That is a good point, depending on how backpacks go it might not really be needed, though I do think it’s still a good way to trade easy of access, in a way backpacks really can’t, to something that some professions don’t really need so much.

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I understand though, I was always imagine some players want to be collectors and they give up on all quick access to tools but putting different bags all around them, and that was also the reason I brought that topic up long ago in discord.

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Just finished watching the altacast, it seems fine to add small bags since the trade off is having more slots but please for all that is good don’t make me craft a bag for mining, a bag for woodcutting, a bag for loot, and a bag for foraging. That is tedious, a waste of space, and the opposite of fun.

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I think it’s more of something that takes one slot in the backpack but lets you store a higher stack/more types in that slot, so you could have an ore bag in your bank that has a few different ores or take it with you on the trip where you are giving up that slot for the ability to hold more ore, which should safe a lot of space even if we made one for the bank and one for on the go as long as we aren’t making a a bag for four different professions.

I think a foraging bag would be more like a farming bag that can hold a few different stacks of foods but not the cooked versions which would mean you can’t just get a farming bag and fill it cooked nuggets, so it’s something you might take with you to the plains.

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Here is my understanding of the bag topic in altacast.
They did not mean we have to make so many different bags for all purposes of tasks those we do, but instead, they are looking for a way to give benefits to players goes to certain profession, as miner or wood cutter. So they will add stack limit, this way we can no longer hording lets say more than 10 thousands of everything. But it will be still enough for our daily usage, could be few hundred as a cap. And a profession add on cold hold certain profession related items more then this limit, let’s say few thousand cap. So if your mod your backpack to a miner bag, you can still hold all your needed items in it with a fair limit but you can hold a way bigger amount of ores in add on slots.
Also they mentioned many times, this is mean to be something makes more fun not something to strict you hardly and make you uncomfortable.
And after all, things still may change accordingly to the community feedback.
So, my words are, we wait, and we see. We try it, then we speak.

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I could have sworn they weren’t talking about the backpacks themselves being the ones with the increased stack cap, but some extra item, as Joel mentioned a basket for wood cutting stuff, I’ll have to look again later.

Yeah, he did say a basket, as a backpack add on, it attaches to you bag.
Although I am not sure if the attachment will be permanent as weapon crafting and you need to use dicrafter to take it apart or more like how lantern currently works.

I would guess you can just take it off since it’s implied to have more than one slot and trying to access it off of the backpack if so would be a huge pain.