Splitting the Melee Skills

Melee skills should be separated into different categories for what weapons they work with.

Core concept
Melee is fun in ATT, but PvP always seems to degrade into who can spam ground pound the most. While this would make sense if the user was forced to use a large, slow weapon, even regular swords and even flint and use the same ability. It always seems so off. So, what if there was 2 different melee skill trees, each exclusive to different types of weapons (heavy/light, blunt/sharp, large/small, etc.).

Sharp weapons, like the dagger and the scythe, would have access to abilities similar to the slashing attack currently in game, but not abilities similar to the ground pound ability. Blunt or heavy weapons would act in the opposite way; Access to ground pound-esc abilites, but not slash-esc abilites Swords could be a jack-of-all-trades type weapon, with access to both skill trees, but not to the highest level skills. This is not a short term goal, as there would have to be many more abilites coded, and weapons would have to be placed into the different groups. However, this could make battles more fun, as different weapon users have to use different skills to win fights. Plus, the abilites would seem more realistic (I mean, I love ground pound but I don’t get why it should have the same power being used with a rapier and a war hammer).

Personal twist (optional)
Maybe add this stinger ability I see going around to the light/sharp/small weapon skill tree?

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

I always say the melee combat needs a rework.
Been able to use small weapon for big skill dose seems off, but when you can swing a huge sword with single handed as fast as a dagger, there I don’t know what to believe any more.
They have to add weapon weight and limits of swing speed for “heavy” weapons/tools first, that is the foundation.


I’d love to see them split off into their own trees. Maybe they should retain skills that work with both categories (charging from hits or holding), but have their own little trees. Blades could have Airslash and Stinger, Blunt could use Groundslam and another one (maybe one that sends a shockwave across the floor or a wave of rock from wherever you slam?)