Spyglass definitely not fixed

When using the Spyglass, (monocular, telescope whatever players want to call it) it does now allow you to look through one end. However it does not zoom in like it used to. Also it has distance culling, objects need to be close to even show up in the lense. Works just fine when attached to the camera.

Reproduction Steps:
Look into the non-blue side of the Spyglass. it’s a visual effect so it requires a player to visually inspect the item.

US2, private servers.

10:55am (PST)

Discord Username:

Will attach photos later…

Aye on EU it’s the same, when hand held everything is further away then closer up.

It is a camera lens not a spyglass

Disregard it should also have the function of a spyglass

responded to your ping on discord.
but for anyone else wondering here’s the low down on the item.

In the code, it’s listed as “spyglass” It usually is typically referred to as a “monocular” IRL
depending on where you are living in the world the name can also be called spyglass, I’m sure it might be a UK/Australian term for the item.