Stabilising Trade

Over Township’s lifetime, there have been plenty of attempts to stabilize and form an Economy. From Trading Associations to servers with admin-mandated labor prices, many have tried to create a stable economy, and all have failed. This is not the fault of the owner of the Trading Association or the server owner, but instead an issue with Township’s core approach to currency: You can print money.

The simple fact that players can print money is the root of all issues in regards to forming an economy. This simple fact means that resources can never hold a stable value, leading to prices varying wildly between different days, leading to a crazed pseudo-economy.

Now, if certain factors weren’t looming ahead of us, I wouldn’t care about trying to stabilize an economy, as personally I enjoy the communist feel Township currently has. However, the Building update does loom upon us, and we have already been told that land will have to be either bought or rented. Introducing the building update with the current “economy” system would be madness, as the only people who could afford land would be hardcore miners who are willing to mine a bunch of gold to convert into coins. The system needs to change before then, and I hope I have a solution:

The Solution
Firstly, the Coin Presses must be removed from the Town Hall. This is a given, as they are the main contributing factor towards our unstable economy.
Secondly, Gold Coins must also be removed from loot spawns, as they randomly contribute to the issue.
Finally, to reintroduce gold to the pockets of the people, we must introduce a variant of Universal Basic Income.

Now, if you’ve heard of UBI then you probably have an idea of what it is, but for those who don’t know, it is very simply just giving people money.
I know that doesn’t sound good on paper, but in practice, it should work quite well.
There are two ways of doing UBI:

  1. Every day, when a player logs on, they should find a small sum of money in their mailbox. This should be around 10 - 20 coins. If players don’t play the game, then they simply don’t get their UBI. What we have done here is given value to simply logging in and playing on a server. This should be the only example of exchanging labor for gold in the game. From here, players are free to trade and sell as before, but are now able to better set prices, and these prices should not vary as wildly from day to day as inflation would be constant (and not in short bursts whenever someone comes up with a haul of 200 gold bars).

  2. Rewarding players with coin for every hour they play. This could be done at a lower rate (5 coins an hour?), and would be less exploitative than the daily login.

Finally, couple the UBI and gold changes with a larger area for market stalls (and maybe more advanced market stalls) and you have a much more stable and vibrant economy where inflation is better controlled. Of course inflation will still be an issue, but it will at least be constant and predictable as the population and lifetime of a server increases.

I like this idea, and I agree that something has to change before the housing update so that the moment the update comes, every plot on the official servers are taken by people who mined the mines out of gold.

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I like it as a temporary fix, it would be a lot easier to control it while the game changes with updates, but in the end the normal system could work as long as it has some restrictions, such limiting how many coins can be made at one time (Maybe it’s more costly to make a lot of coins at once so you’re penalized for it) and random coins from chests and dig spots does the exact same thing as the coins per hour but instead they players don’t actually have to work for it.

Another way to help with it is to make gold spawn less, on the surface you’d think this would only slow the inflation of it, but if it’s done right gold could be at the rarity where you can’t focus on it, I mean you can but it doesn’t make any sense. What I mean is make it so gold is rare enough that someone casually mining would be incentivised to mine it when ever they see it since it’s rewarding, maybe even having gold hide in veins of other ores so you can’t spot it.

The main problem I see is that any miner can print money at anytime with a material that isn’t very rare.

The main problem that would cause that is that no one is trading, I haven’t been on is a long bit since I can’t set up VR but do miners just not buy anything? or is it something like they put away most of the money they make to hoard it and try to avoid inflating prices?

In the end it’s best to have little things like coins as loot found in most jobs without making one too overpowered like mining, maybe better trade with shop houses will help.


I agree that money should not be printed, but I personally dont think that gold should be handed out for playtime because it will cause a login base system. Instead I suggest that there be monsters that you kill such as goblins or a new monster we haven’t seen before that drops coins. This could also allow players to grind for gold easier and let experienced players get more gold. This would help increase wealth in the server and would cause more action throughout the world. Another option might consist of a shop you trade in items. I discourage this though because I look forward to the day the economy is all player based. Granted I believe that gold should still be able to be mined in mine, but I believe it should not be able to be printed. This is mainly due to the fact that it creates a mining based game where the only way to be rich is go in the mines. I cant wait for the day when everyone get jobs and you can get money in all of them. Still great topic FyreKZ. I really enjoy your suggestions and ideas. I hope you dont stop giving suggestion and continue to give helpful ideas to the devs. Great job!