Stack sizes

There are too many different stack sizes, so it’s best to make it more simpler

Currently there are the stack sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 90 and 100
So i propose to make it to 15, 30, 60, 90 and 150

As you notice i changed 50 to 60 mainly because those are the wood and ore stack sizes and you need atleast 3 ore to make a ingot and 6 wood to make a handle, which 50 can’t be divided into, but 60 can.

15 would be the rare stuff like the special fruit (healing vine bulb and gotera spore), dynamite, full meat chunk, gotera core and stuff like that
30 will be the normal stack size
60 is the ore, crystals, stone (yes i added stone and sandstone to this), sticks and wood
90 is the shards, like bone fragments and crystals shards
150 is the coins, 100 is a bit low for coins, you need 5 slots in a normal bag and 10 in a hoarders bag to buy something set to the max price at the market, with 150 that gets reduced to 4 in a normal bag and 7 in a hoarders bag

1 last thing, yes the stuff in the 5 and 10 stack sizes get upgraded to 15, but the items in those stack sizes where usually heavy, so people won’t go and get a full stack knowing it will weight them down.

I’d settle for private server owners being able to manually adjust stack limits too.

Eh, my issue with this is that knowing the majority of the population, they’d just remove the stack sizes which I believe are an important balancing mechanism in Township.

I guess there’s the argument of free choice, so it’s tricky.