Stamps for gear

So earlier today, I had a thought. When people lose their bags, or get killed by someone on a co-op server, they usually go around asking for their stuff. However, there really isn’t any way to prove that a bag is theirs, other than perhaps checking logs to see if someone killed you (i dunno, not a supporter). Also, bags all look the same, and it would be nice to give it a personal touch. So I propose…

In the character/avatar creator thingy, there would be a new thing to customize - your personal stamp. The stamp would have two to three parts:

  • The border, which is the main chunk of the stamp. Examples include a simple circle or square, a shield, or something strange, like a pumpkin.
  • The icon, which lays on the inside of the border. Examples include two letters as initials, a two-digit number, or an image like a stylized creature or Hebios symbol.
  • (optional) A rim, which would surround the outermost edge of the border. Examples include leaves, fire, or crossed swords.

In the crafting hall, on the table would lay a paintbrush, that when used on an item would make your stamp. Each part of the stamp could be individually colored. Additionally, you could carve your stamp into a wooden object, removing color for a different effect. And for metal weapons, a brand could be made at the blacksmith to imprint your stamp on the hot metal.

How would you tell it’s yours?
Simple. Next to your name, your stamp would me displayed, similar to how the supporter rank is shown. This would solve people claiming one stamp’s theirs when it was some poor soul’s stolen bag.


Maybe instead of Paint a burn Mark like some farmers use to Mark their cows. You Heat up your stamp with fier from the forge or a torch and burn in the mark.

Else you’d need a source for the Paint too

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I’m sure we will get some kind of paint, and a stamp with paint (maybe ink?) works a lot more universally than a branding iron, wouldn’t want to burn a backpack for example.