Standardization of taming and tameable creatures

This idea is a suggestion on how to make taming (if it is added) a better mechanic/experience and to keep all tamed animals in the same category

This is not the suggestion for being able to tame animals, only how to handle one of it’s mechanics.

The meat of this is that Mounts (tameable and ride-able creatures) Fighters (tameable creatures that can do damage (couldn’t find a better name)) and pets (tameable and mostly useless creatures that mostly follow you around and act cute) shouldn’t be separated into different categories by, mechanics treating them different.

What I mean by this is, all tame-able creatures would fall under very similar rules:

Taking damage.
This would be to avoid from them just feeling like intangible cosmetics that aren’t really there, in the case of pets.
While this doesn’t mean that tameables should be kill able, they should at least take damage. For example, tameables could be knocked out when they hit 0hp and need time to recover, or the pet could turn into an item that needs to be revived (similar to that Japanese animated show that we do not speak of) but this item would have to be soul bound, and if needed, go straight to where most tameables get stored, since I don’t think any of the tameables should be able to be permanently killed.

Taking up space in the world in some way.
such as normally while they are out, or in item bubbles if there is some way to put them in one in a way of putting them in “stasis.”
Just nothing like in WoW where you can have more than 80 mounts with you, some being dragons, as if they don’t take up any space, unless there is some actual spell actual to it.

Being able to help in some way.
this is by no means a hard and fast rule, but it would keep them from falling into the cans and the can nots, though I also think it would make sure there aren’t tameables that are really cool to look at, but force the player to choose the “cool” pet over the one that can actually help them in some way, though there will still people that will want to have a pet even if it doesn’t help their profession.

Having stats
Much like the part about them being able to take damage, all the tameables should have their own stats, such as health and hunger (perhaps more if they get added)
While these stats aren’t very much like stats, since we don’t have much of any stats that I’m aware of, hunger is still an important thing to have that would make the creatures feel more alive, mount, pet or otherwise.

They can change
This is one thing that would add more depth to tame-ables and bridge the gap between the different types even more.
To put it simply letting pets age, not exactly all of them, and most likely not past a prime, unless the creature has some benefit to it, such as a magic casting creature. The best example of this is if there was a creature like a dragon in the game that ages very very slowly, and it wholly untameable as anything besides a baby or egg, and would eventually become mountable after it grows old enough.

Make all tameable animals follow the same in game mechanics, and have them all act like creatures that are actually physically present with needs, in stead of something that just pops in and out of existence.

I fully agree with everything in this.


I totally agree. Animals should all age regardless if they are „fighter“, „mounts“ or „pets“. Also they shouldn’t just go through those life stages with only time. They should be fed and caressed regularly for them to go from baby to adult.

In most mmorpgs you buy a mount and can immediately ride it. I strongly dislike that because it degrades the mount to a tool. Especially in Vr this can be tackled by making mounts grow into the age for them to be able to carry you. So that there’s somewhat of a connection.


I agree. Rather than having specific cool tamables that you can buy for real cash, introduce cosmetics for them that you can buy for cash. Good cosmetic options for tamables would be skins (like in LoL) or clothing pieces or effects such as specific glows or particles or smoke effects that follow the mount.

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This so much. Like I mentioned with WoW having mounts poof into existence out of no where, not to mention that the mount doesn’t exist anwhere besides under you.

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I’m not sure about different skills for tameables, but I really like the idea of being able to buy cosmetics for the pets, though there might need to be some basic ones you start out with, or the cosmetics will be a bit too noticeable, much like how you can still make a cool outfit with the basic cosmetics you start out with, but the ones in the store give you more options and freedom. Also I don’t think glow cosmetics would be good since “I payed and now my pet has an unholy glow around it” doesn’t make as much sense as “I payed for a cute little outfit for my pet”

I really like that idea.

Can I make an army of Mushroom people?

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Ehh, that more depends on if the devs let players have more than one tamed creature out and about at once, but I can’t imagine the pet cap being that high, since the more pets out, the more AI calculations, unless they can off loaded that to the client, but even then you just have more creatures walking about which might cause lag.

There is the chance of a tamer skill tree, which isn’t needed for having a tamed pet and wouldn’t help with some pets, such as pets that produce alchemical ingredient, but could increase the pet cap, the damage that they do, eaiser taming and maybe a speed increase to tameable mounts. Putting a pet cap increase in a skill tree could keep the amount of players with a large amount of pets out and about down.

Some more ideas:

(Annotation:Feel free to ask questions or give constructive criticism or a general feedback. Hopefully my ideas don’t sound like too much. I don’t want players to feel like it’s a lot of stress/work to own a Mount. Nobody should be punished for not wanting to take care of a Mount 24/7. Hopefully the idea with the tamer profession makes it so that owning a Mount becomes more easy. Also I gave every bullet point a name so it is easier to refer to them haha. The word Mount refers to ride-ables and pet creatures.)

  • Accompany: Also give ride-ables the option to just carry stuff. To move them you would have the option for them to follow you around or you can pull them with a leash.

  • Stamina: Have them get exhausted after a while, when carrying luggage/items for you. Then you need to stop to give them some food and water or you just gotta carry some stuff yourself. Another thing could be that the Mounts can become exhausted but will still continue walking/working. However it just won’t carry you.

  • Condition: It should be cool if any Mount can become weak, when taken care of poorly or strong, when treated superb. And for anyone, who is not so invested and only feeds them when necessary, their Mounts should just be regular. Because nobody should be punished for not taking care of their Mounts all the time. An animal could also become weak when it’s always running low on stamina. Noteworthy these conditions aren’t forever.
    = Status: weak, regular, strong

  • detailed conditions:
    Basically the same conditions but with some reasons or effects. Let me explain:
    Weak: 1. Overweight 2. Underweight 3. Always running low on stamina.
    regular: /
    reasons: 1. Always feeding it 2. Going to check ups regular 3. Taking care of it’s needs
    effects: 1. Stronger 2. Faster 3. More stamina

  • Maybe sometimes you can get a mount with a special attributes such as glutton, fast full, nibbler, grumpy, social, wanderer, anxious, etc. These attributes shouldn’t be anything too special. Only 20% of all Mounts should have them because they do can make taking care of a Mount more work. They are just there for some Mounts to have a bit of personality. Mounts can also randomly get any of these attributes later on.
    little explanation:
    social = Mounts like the company of other Mounts
    grumpy = Mounts don’t always do what is expected from them
    wanderers = walk in a small radius from where you have left them
    anxious = Some creatures run away when they hear or see or notice specific creatures nearby

  • Another fun thing could be dietary differences. That means some Mounts of the same species have some dietary differences. For example whilst 70% of all donkeys like grass, 20% prefer apples and 10% like flowers. It obviously has to be balanced. The dietary differences can be also developed randomly by your Mount.

  • Special characteristics for some species of Mounts: nomads, hibernation, cool down, desired
    These characteristics would force the player or players with the tamer profession to execute a special task from time to time for your Mount. I’ll explain.
    Normads: They need to travel to mountains or water sources from time to time. Otherwise they’ll get very uneasy and won’t always do what the player wants or run away.
    Hibernation: Some Mounts just need to sleep sometimes for an extended period of time. Maybe they need to go to special places in order for them to hibernate there, e.g. the ranch.
    cool down: Some Mounts need to cool down from time to time because they are too hot. It’s then when you let the Mounts cool down in water/water sources.
    desire: Your Mount could give you quests. Some would be optional and others mandatory or else they just won’t help you anymore.

  • Features: Most likely some Mounts will have special features. These features would work for example at certain ages (as mentioned in the original post). Other features would work under certain circumstances. Some Mounts would need you to obtain certain items so that their features work.

  • Caretaking: This is not aimed at all Mounts. Maybe some Mounts have furr/scales(textures) that need to be taken care of for example through trimming.

  • "Illnesses": These are not real illnesses rather status effects. So maybe an animal can get poisoned or it gets the fluke or can get cursed. The owner would only see symptoms of these illnesses.

  • New profession tamer: They can take care of all Mounts.
    There would be a whole skill tree for tamers, so that they can maybe specialize. However there are some features all tamers can do. All the following tasks of tamers, require tamers to improve in there profession. This means that no tamer can immediately do any of their tasks as efficient as possible. Tamers can help players basically in everything related to Mounts. Players can also come to tamers for regular check ups. These check ups will be seldom necessary. Very often tamers would hang in ranches (not necessary). However tamers could have special features such as being able to call all Mounts to one place and make them follow him.
    Some special tasks of tamers:
    Hibernation: Tamers would know when Mounts will hibernate for some time. Before the Mount hibernates, tamers would take the Mounts from the player and bring the Mounts to the communal ranch, where he would stuff it with food so it can hibernate later.
    Normads: Accompany animals to the places they need to.
    Caretaking: Also if any player doesn’t want to groom their Mount, the tamers could do so.
    Illnesses: Tamers know under which illness a Mount suffers and treats them accordingly.
    Detection: A tamer can learn with time to see all the needs, stats, attributes, features and condition of the Mounts species. But only from Mount species they have specialized in.

  • New place: The ranch
    The range is a communal/public space. It is full of food/harvesting fields. These food fields could be attended by people with the gardening profession. There are all the items needed for tamers to take care of any Mount. It could also have some basic Mounts, which players can rent for some coins and then bring back.


I propose for Mounts to have different stats, attributes, and illnesses that would need some attending from time to time. Attributes should give Mounts somewhat of a personality. I also suggested special characteristics which need a bit more engagement from players. To relieve players of a lot of work I proposed there would be the tamer profession. Also I proposed the implementation of a communal ranch, where you can find tamers most of the time and find most things needed for taking care of a Mount. Lastly Mounts could also give quests. In general I just want that owning a Mount doesn’t feel like owning an item you just pull out, when needed. However I also don’t want to make owning a Mount tedious. Nobody should be punished with a lot of work just because they want a Mount.

Feel free to ask questions or give constructive criticism or a general feedback.

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Im not sure about illnesses…

I really like you adding on, some good stuff here.

This would be good, maybe even some pets that can’t carry a whole player could still carry some items.

I would say as long as they aren’t carrying/strained too much they shouldn’t get exhausted. Pets and mounts could have a strength stat that determines how much they can carry and how much before it exhausts them to carry.

I like it, rewards players that get more into it and teaches players that just neglect them. Again could effect how much they can carry/how long.

Also it could have longer lasting effects, so if a pet/mount is in the strong status for long enough (could be in other status, but the majority has to be in strong) it gets an extra bonus which can be lost if the player stops taking care of it as well for long enough, also something similar for the weak status.

Maybe even have it so that during earlier stages in their life can have more permanent effects, such that a pet/mount that was malnourished for most of it’s early life will have a permanent debuff called “underdeveloped” and maybe a way to fix this with a lot of effort (something that impactful shouldn’t be easy to heal), and again the strong status would give a similar but positive.

special attributes

I think it would be better for these to be more common, but less impactful (though there could be stronger versions of it that are rarer) since these seem more like personality traits and I don’t think the default to be that they don’t have any.

These could easily be more dynamic traits with varying values where some mounts/pets are more/less disobedient than others and they can also be more/less social.

Again could be more of a varying stat, but it could also have similar traits in the form of phobias where the fear is directed towards a certain creature or thing, but these would be more common in smarter pets/mounts.

Sounds more like dietary preferences, but it would be good to have them prefer certain foods and get more happiness from them, but I don’t think it makes sense to make it so a good chunk (or really all but a few extremes) of those donkeys to like grass more than apples since irl you can pick any donkey and it will eat a sweet apple over some grass any day. That being said some donkeys (in game) might be more content with grass than most.

Special characteristics
Sounds good, some pets/mounts just have special needs.

Oh this would be cool, having it so that the pet can develop from situations, for example if there is something like a dragon in the game, letting it hibernate/own a pile of gold can help it develop (how can jimmy grow in confidence with out a gold pile ((all his friends are making fun of him!))) some other pet/mounts might need to go on a journey (with/without the player) to develop, kind of like migration.

This would definitely add something that lets players bond with their pet/mounts.

Tamer might not be the right word, maybe animal handler?

Anyway I do like the idea, someone that can help take care of other people’s pets.
My idea is that Tamers have about as much (if not a bit more) in site into most animals as a player would have into their own pet, where a player would need to take care of their animal for awhile to get access to more info about them, the handler can see after just getting friendly, and even without it they can see a little bit.

I’m hesitant at the idea of players actually seeing a status screen (as the devs avoid that kind of thing) I think it might be good for masters in their craft to have a limited ability to see such stuff about entities that are related to what they have mastered, since there is only so much you can show a player with out a status screen (without it getting overly complicated).

The ranch
I think it might be good for the town to have a small version of this, but have it so that any aspiring animal handler would eventually use a player housing plot to make a better version that they have full ownership of, same with farming. The basic/public one might have accommodation for common mounts/pets (for example a large lizard that needs to hibernate) but rarer ones would either require a player made ranch or something else that is harder to get to, but still doable, for example a dragon like pet/mount might be too big for the ranch sleeping areas and either you could find a handler with a nice nest they can sleep in, or you have to go to the cave in the mountain for the dragon.

Neediness of pets and mounts
While I have been reading this I have been thinking that a lot of this makes sense to be balanced with the rarity and use of the pets and mounts (which I have hinted to in a few places), where stronger mounts can carry more for longer but need more food to be sustained, the smarter a creature is the more complex it’s personally traits and quirks are and it’s use/intelligence (again) is also tied to how much attention it needs.

For example a spriggull pet isn’t that useful but it’s too dumb to care if you aren’t petting it all the time and it’ll just float in ponds and wash itself, just floating there with its dumb, stupid bird eyes, but a dragon (or equivalent) that are known to be intelligent, big and powerful would need lots of lovings, would be picky with their food when they are young (wanting new kinds of meats all the time), take a long time to grow up, need to hibernate when they mature, and treated as more than just a dumb mount (like the usual treatment for a dumb donkey/horse (horses are less dumb than donkeys but not by much in my book).

Same with illnesses, common pets wouldn’t get sick with anything too serious and the cure isn’t too hard to obtain and you could even just wait it out in most cases. But advanced pets would be susceptible to illnesses that need attention and greatly effect the pet, some of the lesser ones could be contracted more than once but the really strong ones will only effect a pet once.

Here is an example of an illness that only effects more advanced pets.

Magic sickness: only effects pets that can use magic, for obvious reasons, and starts of making the pet’s magic weaker until it is completely unable magic (until the illness passes).

Think of this, you have an advanced pet that has more needs than a regular pet, it is your BABY, the thing is always there on your travels, but one day it isn’t as active and is lethargic and after enough time it looks sickly, Before it might perch on your shoulder or play around you but more and more you need to carry it around, YOUR BABY IS HURT, so you search for a cure (possibly with the help of an animal handler) and when you find that cure and your little baby is feeling better, it looks to you and gives you a little hug, you did good.

If that isn’t the kind of real human moment people should strive for in a game I don’t know what is.

This. I’ve found that mounts with stamina in game is just the most tedious thing ever. But without mount stamina you still need some way of keeping them balanced. When you see that your mount has too much weight to carry you find it obvious and logical.

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Yeah it’s much like how stamina would work in most other games, you don’t get tired from walking around while not over encumbered, but you can’t run forever, but it’s good to have it so that on a long trip it a player could more efficiently transport items with the mounts encumbered even if they need to stop for breaks because of it.

I get that but the way how I imagined them to be is that your pet can get ill due to events. So when X and Y happens your pet can get ill. Or it gets ill randomly every now and then. However it wouldn’t be a regular thing as Edit mentioned. One illness I can think of from the top of my head is that when you feed your pet the wrong food it can get poisoned. Or when your pet touches for example a fire bug it would get very anxious and agitated.


My remarks and answers:

Yes. But I would like for that strength to diminish when they are carrying more than they are able to. Also this means that their strength would rather bea suggestion because they can ultimately carry more. So when it carries too much for a period of time it gets exhausted and you’ve got to relief it of some of the weight. But yeah, so for most of the time, they won’t get exhausted.


Totally agree. This makes taking care of your pet more meaningful. And if you’re really not interested in doing so you’d give your pet to an animal handler. This creates for more of a community because people are interacting more. Maybe some animal handlers become well known because they are known for raising pets extra healthy.

It depends. I can see many pets (50%) having a personality traits but then there would need to be a lot, so that it doesn’t get old very quickly.
Maybe as you mentioned there’d be dynamic traits and normal ones. These dynamic ones would be more impactful but therefor rarer.
Summarizing what we’ve got traits would look like this:

  • normal traits (everyone)
  • dynamic traits (rare and can be developed later)

I’d say that phobias are separate from traits. So that a pet can have a trait and a phobia. However I’d say that phobias are more rare and can be developed later.

I guess but I don’t think it really matters since it’s a game. What I wanted to say is that some pets randomly got different dietary preferences.


That’s interesting. So it might be that you can’t “use” for example your rideable pet because it migrated like birds do in Winter.

Hm… I agree status screen would interrupt the immersion. But there could be other ways to see at least some of the status.
An example is tan animal handler/tamer with the the skill to see an animals condition, would see an aura around the pet (Given of course the animal trusts him enough)
Green aura = strong
Yellow aura = regular
Red aura = weak

The animal handler would see a pool of water in the animal (does that make sense? :sweat_smile:). So the higher up the pool, the more stamina the animal/pet/creature has.

I believe that textures are obvious but when we get more nuances, such as straight hair with tiny spikes, straight hair with rough spikes, etc. The animal handler could have a magnifying glass with which he’d see the differences. It’s important for an animal handler to see the differences because different texture means different treatment.

Has no quick fix. The handler has to observe the animal and find out based on its symptoms what it has.

Special characteristics:
To be honest what I would think super cool is that characteristics would also use colored auras. Moreover the colors from conditions and the colors from special characteristics could merge. So a real handler would know for example that even though this animal has a green aura it actually feels regular and is about to go into hibernation mode. This is how you would differentiate between real handlers. Obviously later there are a more differences between a new and a pro handler.
Normads: orange
Cooldown: brown
hibernation: blue
desire: purple

Since there are no plots I can’t really say what would fit but my idea would be that there be private plots at or near the ranch for handlers. So it’s easier for players to reach out to a handler. Also it wouldn’t isolate too much as private player houses would do.

I mean it depends really. It makes sense that there would be differences between pets since they aren’t all the same. But I wouldn’t say that all dragons hibernate. Some maybe 10% just don’ hibernate. I think there would be more of a variety if any creature can get randomly any of these categories. But it could be balanced by having animals with higher percentages and others with lower. I remember that the developer talked about that servers would vary because they have a different scarcity of resources, etc. This is the same. Maybe on one server donkeys hibernate and dragons are nomads. But some things are just obvious such as bigger pets needing more food, a tiny pet can’t carry a player, etc.

Neat idea :smile:!

Btw thanks for the extensive answer!

Idea: Communal efforts:
The developers should make it so that some tasks, features, etc. need the help of more than only one player = Since we’re a town that works together!

Three things how would you check a pets stats?, can other players kill your pets?, and in a pvp situation would your pet target the opponents pet or just your opponent?