Statues for important and cool people like my self

I am here to give an idea to memorate people like me into future of township tale. Awcourse there are more people to nominate to this position, people like Lauren, cirez xquzit and more.
We as a starting and active members should stand out from the crowd, and should be regonisible that’s why this small idea is so important

I feel like statuses would be more something added that could be put in houses, but if we did have statues (that could be changed after a week/month) it would probably be determined by a player vote instead of people that have just joined early and stayed active, since that might cause some resentment from other players, though even the voting might to the same if we saw Youtubers getting fans to vote for them.


I imagine we could have features that allow people to create statues of themselves, and have them placed as town centerpieces or in their houses.

I think we’ll try and avoid “locked-in” appearances of stuff like statues. There’s a lot of role-play potential in having it customizable.


I honestly really appreciate the mindset you guys are in to keep things as customizable as possible for roleplay potential.


What about a graveyard instead?

A voting system sounds nice but what if people were allowed to break statues? For ex. Someone who isn’t really liked by many sets up a statue and people want to take it down. The statue could have alot of health and might take a while to break