Stealing idk if bug or no

I don’t know if this is a bug or what but I had 30 copper and then some kid stole it from the smelter so is there a way to make it to where people can’t steal stuff from the smelter

@Chandrin Not a bug, more like feedback, also, there is no official way to stop people from stealing your stuff, but generally I find pointing a sword to their throat works pretty well. If your sword sucks or you dont have one then just tell the other ppl at the forge that someone is stealing and normally people will come to your aid.


They did but its another one of those kids who were like “Oh I only took one” when you can clearly see they have all of them

If you’re not on the PvP server, stealing is also not allowed, so be sure to let them know to check out the #server-types channel on Discord. The non-PvP servers are there fore people to be able to enjoy the game without the fear of stealing / killing.

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This was a little kid and we tried telling him but he didn’t listen

Feel free to shoot a mod their username in the Discord, so they can check it out. There’s no excuse for people trying to ruin other peoples experience.


I didn’t get it cause I don’t see them so I will have to fix that but if it happens again I will do it

You can toggle usernames in the quick menu, same one to leave, check armor, etc

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Same kind of thing, but food instead of ore. I was chopping trees a couple of days ago and someone ran past, I didn’t think anything of it so didn’t bother to look at the name, five seconds later a second person runs past clearly upset and saying that the other guy stole his entire stack of cooked food that he’d just been adding to. On EU. Didn’t see either player again, so hopefully the second guy found out the others’ name and reported it somewhere. Reading this just reminded me of it, so thought I’d add to the awareness of this issue.
No idea if the guy snatched it all off the floor or from a chest, or from the guy’s backpack. But could help reduce instances of theft if players were not able to interact with another person’s backpack.
Server rules mean nothing to some people if the game mechanics don’t also enforce them, and they feel they can get away with things without consequences.


I still think it would be pretty lame if you can’t interact with other people’s stuff. I definitely see where your coming from though.

I don’t mean stuff that’s just lying on the floor. Although it WOULD be horrendous bs if you dropped a weapon for a moment, or by accident, and someone just swiped it and they had zero ramifications. If someone clearly places it down or drops it, unless made explicit; people should know not to grab. I have to believe the community is better than that.
I mean that when you have your backpack in your hand, anyone can interact with it. Put in and take out. That’s fine on PVP but a needless risk on PVE. It would be a very simple safety measure if ONLY the owner/holder could take items OUT, but anyone can put things IN.


I think it would be good to at least have new players not be able to take items from backpacks that are being held.

Also it would be nice if there was a small personal log that the player could look at that tells them the names of players that grab items near them/items they recently dropped.

Oh you meant that people can’t grab thing out of your backpack. That makes more sense. I guess I can get behind that.

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Tbh even on pvp it would be better to have the backpack only used by the owner, since there is so little places where you can store things securly your backpack most off the times has almost all of your stuff, and especially with ppl who just start its very annoying