Storage Building

When players use the teleport potion/action to return to the village, they are delivered to a simple platform with a map, mailbox, some torch spots, and a bunch of open space around it. While it’s acceptable that strangers in a strange land using potions arrive at 1 point, and think nothing of it, but would they not reinforce that location and protect it, after knowing that?

Core concept
While I think changing the platform to include more content may not be what’s needed, what if directly in front of the teleport platform, built onto the hill, was a (buildable) storage building for:

  1. Quickly depositing mass resources/loot(to unload significant weight briefly)
  2. Identifying items*
  3. Library shelf of cloned village books
  4. Storage for overflow of other buildings
  5. Some healing & food items for those drag-yourself-home returns
  6. A good group meetup spot to gather adventure materials before leaving town.

Functional Summary:

1. Storage
    1. Default 2 bookshelves, 4 shelves
    2. Additional buildable bookshelves? (2 near keg)
    3. Outdoor stone bins, lumber pile
    4. Indoor stick pile, dried grass bin, Spriggul feather bins, glass bottle bin
    5. Indoor keg
    6. Weapon rack
2. Library
    1. Bookshelf: skill/mechanic explanation/FAQ/help books
    2. ALL crafting/info books (for reference/quick comparison)
    3. Lore books? Tell the story of TT/camps
    4. Map(s)
    5. Identification station* (see above link)
        1. Identify material properties:
            1. Name
            2. Attack power
            3. Durability
            4. Heat retention
            5. Special? For magic or other details
    6. Skill Level Altar (VERY expensive, like electrum, crystals, combat trials parts, whatever) - behaves the same as the levels shrine behind the Town Hall, so long as the shrine is active.


Personal twist
The building should probably be an expensive staple of architecture. It shouldn’t be simple to build on the basis that 1: it’s on a hill, and 2: it would make returning home from/leaving for an adventure SO. MUCH. EASIER. But it also doesn’t really do anything too mechanically advanced(other than suggested ID Station and Levels Altar)…

Some possible resource requirements might be:

  • 500 sandstone
  • 800 lumber
  • 50 iron ingots
  • 50 crystals

Stumbled across a nifty, RELEVANT DnD map post:

whats the exact point of this building? you said its good for unloading items, but if those items are open to public taking then whats the difference of unloading them in an existing building?

the id station is a good concept, and i wish it would be added, but i doubt the devs would. it doesnt seem like something they would do, sadly.

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It is essentially a way-station / quest depot, for lack of a simpler title. To clarify a few key qualities:

  • The storage options focus on heavy stones, sticks, used potion bottles, and feathers. AKA things teleporting players may have full pockets of, and having a close by location to drop that off would allow them to immediately regain regular movement speed.
  • Let someone else move the drop-off resources to where they belong. The wiki lists a ‘janitor’ role, and all they do is keep the town clean for better rendering. They also organize!
  • The shelves exist for easy storage of more immediately usable loot: weapons, tools, customizations, fireworks (or flares for long-distance communication as I see them) etc. Sure, it’s public storage, but so is every other shelf in every other building.
  • About to leave town to gather/hunt? Go to the depot to stock up on teleport juice, grab a snack if there’s any stored, see if there are any public-use weapons/tools/goodies on the shelves
  • Quests are planned, so in preparation for that, I think my building concept is a fantastic applicant for that role. A place to sign up for quests, and grab some adventuring supplies before heading out.

I see the building working a couple of different ways depending on the server.

  • If it’s a server of friends or well-known users, they might use the building exactly as I’ve described it.
  • If it’s a generic public server, there would likely be excess raw food, wood, rusted items and various odds/ends, but nothing too rare. Possibly spare moulds. Good stuff if a high level player is just dumping lower tier loot
  • If it’s a hostile server, every man for themself, this would probably only be used to lighten inventory load like I pointed out, and the ID/level altars. Maybe someone would be kind enough to keep health potion in the keg for those that “limp home” like I said. I imagine there’s a lot of limping on PVP servers.

The ID altar is a long stretch, but it comes from another topic that I rather enjoyed, so I wanted to try to incorporate it here, so that it had some place to fit in. Idk where else an ID altar makes sense, other than maybe the market or town hall…

id imagine just spawning a shelf with commands would have the same functionality at the end of the day. this building really doesnt bring anything new to the table, and relies completely on the generosity of strangers to be useful to anyone

for janitors, " drop-off resources to where they belong," all of them have places already. wood goes in carpentry, feathers go in the armory, bottle go in the tavern, and loose ores and rocks go in the blacksmith or mining building. dry grass can go anywhere, but preferably the tavern because fire. wood is really the only thing you would reasonably drop off into public storage that actually weigh anything, and the community bin for that is literally right there. all the other items listed weight almost nothing, so walking for ten seconds to reach a building wont be any noticeable amount slower

also i thought quests were deconfirmed? or at least i heard that the devs dont want to go down that route. fyre said something like that a few times i remember

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Oculus Quest doesn’t have access to prefab like PC does, and according to CJ’s Item List the shelves are not spawnable via Console for Quest. So that’s not exactly a solution for players like myself, sadly.

I’m not sure what new content you’re expecting from an optional facility whose entire purpose would be to expand the town’s storage potential, regardless of whether the town chooses to use the storage.
Just like other build-ables, the shelves / keg / storage / the building itself would have resource input boxes for those aspects, so if players/a server doesn’t want particular aspects, then that customization would be entirely up to them: don’t build it.
It seems like “just don’t build it” would fit your personal needs.

All of the drop-offs you mention require travel time from teleport platform to worksite and disregard the notion that an adventurer can quickly dump less valuable loot, in favor of quickly preparing for the next quest/adventure with (more) empty inventory, then they can accomplish more adventuring faster. Why make the adventurer sort everything EACH time, when that’s the janitor’s role / the adventurer would have more success focusing on their job’s role: adventuring. They still have the option to deliver resources, but why force them to if, say, stone is needed aaaaall the way at the top of the town hall, in a future (made-up) construction need for example.

While I respect Fyre’s seniority and ear-to-the-ground nature, for the time being I am going to assume the Trello is more up to date than he is… I can really only find his own opinions over facts or references. The title is Meta Quests so it may not even be the typical quest one thinks of. (Fyre mentions aiding a hurt animal as one potential back in early 2020.)

you can build the idea already if you want to. use copper or iron to make bag hooks, then place the bag hooks on the rock behind the respawn structure. then, craft many grass bags. place the grass bags over the hooks. boom, storage. just take the grass bag off the hook at put your junk in there. now you save ten seconds walking to carpentry. there is a chance someone steals a grass bag, but since everyone spawns with one by default, i find this to be very unlikely.
my thoughts on the building itself is more of that i dont see it serving a real use that other buildings already dont do, so i dont see why the devs should spend time on this rather than something more important?

adventurers coming back from an adventure must take probably a minute to reach the other side of town to get to their lockbox in town hall. thats where they would drop off their valuables from the adventure. through that route they pass by every single building they could drop stuff off at. if they are going back into the mines, they need to pass by townhall anyways, and consequently the rest of town as well. its not a huge detour to throw a single flask into the shelf at the tavern. even if the adventurer drops by every single building in town, it will probably take a grand total of two minutes if they go fast. not a huge time sink if you ask me. if they really wanted to, they could drop everything off in carpentry or the blacksmith/armory. those buildings are quite close to respawn anyways. if youre a speedrunner, then the grass bag on hooks option would be faster though

looks like youre right there. fyre is not a dev after all. if they do add quests, then so be it

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