Struggling to scoop from the liquid backpack

Description: When I was using the liquid backpack, I attempted to put a bowl into the liquid, and it felt like trying to shove it through a solid wall. I tried using a ladle and a potion bottle, and basically had the same issue with those as well.

Reproduction Steps: Try to dip something into the liquid contained in a liquid backpack. Break your hand on the rock hard surface tension.

Server: GROOP

Discord Username: jumpsplat120#0001

same issues, and at time shoving ladle or bowl too hard can push the bag all around and dump all of its content
may be the placement of the bag handle is the problem? perhaps we change the bag handle closer to the edge like bucket and cauldron, or have a lid function that open or close when the bucket being carried by hand and being place down for scooping

i can never scoop anything at all out of the backpack or cauldrons. If i want bottled stew i have to dump it in the keg and then fill from the keg.

The game doesn’t support scooping well. Try dunking the container into the liquid instead. As long as the container touches the liquid, it should be filled.