Stuck in black hole from potion!

Potions not working correctly!

After the update last night, I was down in the mines with two friends. A few times we had to all go out using potions, and each time I used one, I got stuck in total blackness, but could see my arms. Tried to leave the server using the orb while stuck, but nothing worked. Had to force close the game and go back in. Even after that, still couldn’t leave the server like normal. Orb wasn’t working at all.



This also happened to me this morning. I was the only one on the server at the time. After force closing and re-opening, everything went back to normal for me though and I was at the teleport spot with an empty bottle in my hand.

Happened to another player I was with yesterday. He was in blackness for so long that he had to hit the Oculus menu button, and then a resume button appeared - he hit that and found himself at the respawn location.