Suggestion: Mordhau Grip and Half Swording

Allow us to grab Greatswords by the blade.

Core concept
Holding a Greatsword by the blade and spinning it around would allow you to hit with the hilt of the sword, doing blunt damage that could be more effective against armored targets. Also half swording, meaning you hold the hilt and part of the blade in order to more effectively aim the blade and enable more powerful thrusts.

Personal twist (optional)
Could even be used to knock armor off of future enemies (hint hint) or to stun enemies with a well placed headshot.

I mean the best response I can give is “sure” since I don’t think it would be used much, but it wouldn’t really be the hardest thing to add.

Holding the sword by the hilt should not change the mechanics too much because many people pull out their sword from their bag or pocket and start stabbing, not spending any time on where on the handle they are grabbing.

I like the hitting with the hilt idea.
Maybe the sword will hurt you if you attack while holding the blade unless you have heavy gauntlets.

The ability to hold it by the blade would be nice for some situations when forging/crafting.

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