🌻 Sunflowers

Nothing major but I’d love to see sunflowers in the game.

There’s a flower in the home world, but no interactable ones in the actual world. I’d love to see some flowers you can put in pots etc. To decorate the world a little. Sunflowers specifically. :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:

Do you have any practical use in mind for sunflowers other than decor? While it’s fun to add visually interesting things to a video-game, it takes developer time away from other, more important features that make the content of the game.

This has also been suggested generally already in the form of


Both topics ascribe functional qualities to plants and flowers, mostly for alchemy. I’m sure Sunflowers fit in with these suggestions, however from personal experience they serve sillier purposes than just looks and alchemy:

  1. Every baseball/softball player at some point has tried salted sunflower seeds. Guilty, personally
  2. During sunflower festivals, it’s common for people to just walk around with a flower or two

While holding a giant flower probably couldn’t serve any real purpose in Township, it’s fun for RP or getting peoples attention?

Mmmm. Sunflower seeds.

I actually specifically wrote it this way because of my experience with game dev and the unity engine. A cosmetic detail like this could be easily integrated in a single day, and would do a lot to brighten up and personalise servers. Its not something I’d want them spending a lot of time on, which is why i didn’t piggyback off those previous posts that wanted it to be a proper game mechanic. I’d just like to brighten up the place with a few flowers.

100% the team already has generic grabbable and plantable scripts from previous objects and only needs to design the mesh itself.

Cool, congrats on the experience.
You’re completely disregarding the point though, given the fact that you have experience with game dev. Whether it takes 1 day or 1 week, it’s time away from planned content, to make something that is aesthetic only.

Alchemy IS planned, and that pretty much necessitates flowers as a one-of-many ingredient. That makes them functional. So your want of 0 functionality flowers is already unlikely by that notion.
Every item in-game serves a purpose(no matter how uniquely creative), so a sunflower would need to do the same to warrant the added processing power required & developer effort. My 2 suggestion additions were VERY simple, albeit more than 1 day’s worth of code.

But I guess you didn’t like the idea of eating or carrying around the flower, so much so that you found issue with the notion of functionality suggestions or comparing your topic to pre-existing ones on your forum idea post… rather than just say no functionality planned / don’t like the ideas? lol


Whether you suggest a specific flower with 0 detail like sunflowers, or all flowers with exact detail, flowers have been suggested. Given the alchemy feature, when compared to other alchemy-having games like Skyrim or Kingdom Come: Deliverance, flowers are a very necessary part of recipes. So if you REALLY REALLY REEEEAALLY want sunflowers, come up with a good alchemy use for them, and maybe they’ll make the minuscule list of variety, when compared to 300+ species IRL. The devs have a lot of choices ahead of them, so why not give them reasons to pick sunflowers when that time comes? :slight_smile:
Cause let’s be real, if they pick 5-10 flowers and 80%+ have function, what do YOU think sunflowers would do for magic alchemy? Unless you want the 20% cut of that flowers addition.

I think we’re making a bit much of a wholesome suggestion to implement cute flowers. If we’re going that far, then whats the purpose of the players having customisable clothes?

I already saw all those posts and viewed this as a different suggestion as I’m suggesting it be purely cosmetic. I don’t hate the idea of it having a specific in game function, but thats not what i was suggesting. If i had to suggest an in game function, i guess a light potion for the mines or something, or a yellow dye. But i really just want more options for customising your physical space and I don’t think it’s a bad thing to meerly suggest the concept.

I specifically had the house update in mind, as i think it would be a lovely way to add details to ones home. The first thing i wanted to do in this game when i saw the flower in home world and the little vases in the game was find a flower and put one in. If the devs saw this post and thought it was pointless or impossible then thats their decision to make, i respect it and have no issues with that. But neither of us know what’s going on under the hood of this game.

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TF2 had an plate that added snakes and the community went nuts due to “major” update withdrawal. Let the man ask for sunflowers! Simple stuff like this during times where updates are being waited for are good to keep a community busy. Don’t quote me by the way man, I’m just here.

Clothes exist as the only form of premium content Talems can be spent on, which the devs use as a major stream of revenue. They are also the only form of personal customization (not counting equipment) that defines who a person is, which time has shown is pretty important to gamers(see: every RPG’s customization and how deep they go). Sunflower probably won’t cost money, so it doesn’t earn money, in that way.

I like the light alchemy ideas though! Very reminiscent of the sun in :sun_with_face: sun-flower. I’d let it have a decent light range just for the flower name alone.
Given how healthy they are for you IRL, perhaps they could be 1 of the many components used for health potions or temporary HP buff type alchemy.

Chill, TF2 is a cartoony goofy PC FPS full of memes, and Township is basically Dungeons and Dragons in VR.
Adding memes to TF2 works for TF2, but if they added Township’s alchemy, people would be FLOORED. By the same notion, If Township added medic gun, out of place. Same thing goes for the easter eggs and minor additions of each.
On top of that, the Oculus is already being pushed to its absolute limits. 10 players supposedly bricks the headset, so we have 8 to be able to play the game at all. Every new thing is added strain to the headset, even if small and over time. So while it would be fun, in this case, function > form is best, both as a business model, and under current hardware limitations.