"Survival" Skill-tree

Character “Survival” Skill-tree, separate from but additional to class skill-trees.

Core concept
All players have this tree as well as whatever class trees they’re working on. Any XP earned doing any actions gives XP to that profession as normal, but fills this “general” tree XP at the same time. Maybe at a 50% lower rate? …but you’re always working on it, regardless of whatever else you’re doing.

This tree of skills represents how your character grows and develops from being in the world of ATT, with no direct bearing on the specific profession/s you indulge in, but simply living and surviving as you tread whatever path you’ve chosen for yourself and whatever actions you do.

This skill-tree would consist of a variety of less fancy / showy skills. All passive perks. Such as -
Path-finding - Marginally faster foot-speed.
Metabolism - Hunger decreases more slowly.
Keen Eyes - Very slightly better vision in low-light (for caves and night-time)
Fortitude - allows a player to keep sprinting even below 50% hunger (but not below 10-25%?), but depletes remaining hunger faster.
Tough Skin - Slightly more HP / Slight natural damage reduction
Safe Landing - Slightly reduced fall damage

Smack the ol’ vote button if you think this idea has potential, and please feel free to suggest more little not-class-specific passives!

Credit to @Klives for initial inspiration.

Vote button smacked.


I really like it, it would be nice to just have another thing to progress in, especially something that you aren’t just going to drop if you want to change classes.

Edit: though I do still think having stats we can increase like agility, constitution etc, would be better than skills for those things (Path-finding, Fortitude, ect) so players can focus on the stats to what they feel is right.)

Also I think both the survival skill tree and the stats should take a pretty long time to fully max, since it’s less about really important skills for their job, and more just progressing.


Never seen a greater idea in this entire forum, maybe also this doesnt take up any slots in the limited skill selection you can have at one time?


Wow, I just realized I assumed that was the case, even now I’m pretty sure he meant to take up it’s own unique slots since non of the passive skills would be good enough to replace a skill from a job.

One thing I thought about is that the devs might implement it more like the heart flowers than any skills, since it would make sense to differentiate them.

Exactly. The idea is for this to be entirely separate from the class trees and not “step on the toes” of any skills you’d choose for your profession/s. Nothing regarding the current skill-trees changes, but you’d additionally start unlocking these little passive boons as you spend time in the world, to reflect your character living and learning.

Maybe all of these passive skills would be unlockable in any order, so it’s not a “tree” but more of a “web”, unless there are some skills that are a direct upgrade to others. Players could pick out exactly what they most want, which would likely reflect what actions they most often engage in and therefore what innate passive trait their character would naturally develop anyway. This might make it feel more organic?

How many slots would the separate skill slots for the survival skill tree be? 8 with the hopes of having enough skills that you can’t have them all? (wouldn’t be too hard if, like you said, there are upgraded versions.)

While I understand the skills that are just straight buffs to health and speed (aka Tough skin and Pathfinding) are kind of needed since there aren’t many skills already, I do think it’s abit cheap to added them in since the health buff seems out of place, we already have heart flowers, and the path finding would cause a large divide since even a small speed increase would mean those that have it can can’t be run away from by those who don’t.

I do like the Keen Eyes and Safe Landing since they have more than one application, and Fortitude is very interesting since it’s almost trade off.

I want to add my own, but I can’t think of any. It’s hard to think any that wouldn’t be hugely bias towards one profession.

What about one that has to do with carrying more? Would be a pain to implement now, but once there is a stack limit in the game, the perk could let you stack items past their limit, maybe “Hoarder” would be better, (for some reason I thought I already called it “pack rat” at this point) since it would make more sense that your backpack could keep the over stacked items after you drop it.

Oh and “Iron Stomach” which lets you eat food that is somewhat spoiled, which doesn’t sound so good until you realize you could get free food from party members if their food goes bad.

On the topic of food related perks, how about “Deep Stomach” which would increase your hunger bar so you can store more food in your guy at once. There could be an “upgraded” version called “Gluttony” which gives some kind of benefit, such as even bigger stomach or upgraded stats while 90% full, but has some downside, such as increased hunger rate or worse stats while 60% hunger or lower.

Heck put all the food and hunger related ones in their own branch of the survival skill tree.

Edit: frick, I was going to go to sleep but I thought of another one, though it could be two with upgrades. “Tempture resistance” this would be good if they added really cold and/or really hot places and tempture debuffs/damage along with it.


Nice suggestions :slight_smile:

I hadn’t thought about number of slots for survival passives. I suppose I was going with the idea that you simply accrue more as you play for longer, but the XP gain would take considerably longer than any of the professions to level up.
That could actually represent individuals become genuine veterans of the world and wilderness. If there’s a cap to it, then people will eventually all plateau. I’m imagining that having ALL the passive bonuses would still only make a person marginally faster/stronger/tougher than anyone else. Personal skill should still be able to off-set the bonuses granted.
—Of course, if we can think of enough passive skills to fill this tree/web then yeah, it probably would need a cap. Total slots equalling maybe 75% of what’s possible to achieve? So people still have a specialisation rather than everyone having everything.

As for the movement speed boost, I was thinking something very slight like even just 5% faster, but then balance that with equally faster hunger degradation. Then it’s a trade off of running faster for a shorter time, or slightly slower for longer. Hopefully that would off-set some people just being plainly faster overall.

If I remember correctly the devs said that the heart flowers were a temporary addition to replace the armour that was removed. I assumed they were to be removed again at some point. Then having a little extra passive health increase would be more significant.

I thought of suggesting and increased carry weight perk, but unless the inventory system changes to a weight capacity, or limited stacks, then it’s moot. But yes, stack increase from 100 to 105 or 110 or something like that. That would fit nicely.

“Storing more food in your guy at once.” is effectively the same as having hunger deplete more slowly, no? One just lets you eat more to a higher capacity, the other gives you more from the capacity we already have.

The idea of having some benefit at a certain “fullness” is really nice though! We already can’t sprint under 50% hunger, so why not a “well-fed” bonus for being over 80 or 90%! This could be added into the game mechanics as standard if the devs choose to, or indeed have it as a passive perk. Off the top of my head; being “well-fed”, for melee could give you a little bonus power on critical strikes OR widen the window that you can perform a critical strike in, and for archery could decrease the charge time for charged arrows, or slightly increase innate accuracy perhaps.

Natural poison resistance is an excellent idea, and being able to consume spoiled foods without negative affects. Perfect :+1: Maybe not complete immunity, but 25% - 50% reduced sickness penalty. Great suggestions.


Yes please, oh god please


heres some passive skills
ore detector (makes ore glimmer in the dark)
greater belt (adds 1 more slot to the belt)
(pvp) cannibal (killed players drop eatable limbs)
smiths hand (repairs tools and weapons slowly while being used on anvil, limited repairing 25%)
master smiths hand (repairs anything slowly half way while on anvil)
novice smelter (small chance (7.5%) 1 ore wont get used in smelting)
master smelter (15% chance 2 ore wont get used in smelting)
treasure hunter (find better loot when opening chests)(make chests closed when reset)
ill add more if anything else pops up

@BookaaGaming We have echolocation, you can’t add more belt slots with a skill (if anything it would be craftable), no cannibalism (why), we already have smith skills, and chest loot respawns at a set time so the game would have to be fundamentally rewritten for the treasure skill to work. None of what you said are actual physical benefits anyway. You can get faster by walking more, you can take more damage if you do a lot of physical activity. You know what you can’t do, detect metal in caves by activating some sixth sense. You also can’t fundamentally change the entire world so that when you open a container, the contents are better than they would be for somebody else.

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Those all sound like class-specific perks, not general survival perks. I like the ore detector and smith’s hand perks for smithing, though.

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@KindredSpirit We already have Smith skills and we have echolocation as a mining skill.

I know we have smith skills, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add more. And as far as I’m aware, echolocation just outlines everything. A passive glint in the dark would, in my opinion, be different enough to warrant a new ability.

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Yeah, echolocation has nothing to do with finding ores, unless you can recognize the outline of a vein for the half a second it’s going over it.


Okay fair enough, an ore finder would be nice and useful as well, but definitely have it so it’s all 1 color of glow so you don’t know what your coming across

Honestly being a miner and testing all the skills the echolocation isn’t worth it so I see where he’s coming but it’s also not on par to the “survival” perk tree

Since climbing is a thing now we could think about some climbing perks.
I would like to see a perk where you handle tools and armor more efficiently so their durability rate is cut down at some percentage

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Climbing perks sound cool, increased grip strength or being able to throw yourself a bit farther (if they add momentum to it). Maybe even an advanced version where you can hold on to many more surfaces or ones without hand holds (kind of like some “blessing of the spider”), but that might be a pain to manage depending on how it is done (either making a list of materials you can climb so you still can’t climb places that you shouldn’t be able to (would be a pain to make a dungeon that people can skip parts in with climbing) or making it so they just have a lot better grip and that would cause problems with needing to make places where you can grip, but only players with the perk could reasonably climb.)

Maybe (if there was the advanced version) it would just be really good grip strength so you can just climb easily compared to everyone else.

The idea about a durability skill reminds me of this, would fit a lot better in the survival skill tree, I even mentioned that in the tread.

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Blessing of the spider sounds super cool, and it’d be good for archers as well.


Yeah, cool or terrifying… depending who’s side you are on.