Swimming and breathing time

Ok, hear me out: Swimming. Hate it when that one troglodyte kills you, steals your items and throws it into the river? Swim down and fish it out! Just be careful because you can run out of breath. When that happens, you get teleported back to land (Or you start to die). This seems like something that might be added anyways because of those chests at the bottom of water bodies.

Swimming: Here’s how swimming would work, move both hands in front of you and push away like you would if you swam. Longer swimming movements would reward farther distance. Looking up sinks you. Looking down helps you float.

Breathing: Check you wrist when underwater. Underneath the nutrition bar, would be 5 bubbles that are starting to fade away. Moving your head out of the water would refill the bubbles and disappear, similar to most survival games. If all bubbles disappear the you either start to die or get teleported to surface.

Weight mechanic: Putting is simply, the less you have on the easier it is to swim, too much stuff sinks you faster.

Nutrition and Fullness: Swimming consumes lots of energy which is why there are snack bars at water parks. Swimming eats up the fullness and nutrition bars. If the nutrition bar is low enough you won’t be able to swim.

Now for some extras, people might want to focus on swimming (Maybe you want to be a pirate, a bandit who can swim fast). So if you go to some shrine down the big river, you can obtain skills that increase speed and power of swimming. Following the formula of xp gaining in the game, the more strokes you make the more experience you get. This entire swimming idea would also work with the idea another person had which includes an entire extra bit of map called ‘The Beach’.

You are a pirate!

This is simple and I like it, I feel a lot more on board once I read the idea of being able to level up the swimming skill.

And this, I think this should be the other way around. I wouldn’t want to be looking upwards while I want to go downwards.

Second that direction reversal. You should just swim in the direction you are facing.

Otherwise sounds neat.

You’re right. Sorry.