Sword variations

I think it would be cool if we could add spikes to swords and sharpen our own swords and stuff.
Core concept
So basically i think it would be cool if at the blacksmiths we could design different things about the sword like adding spikes to it or maybe changing the shape of the weapon like making it look like a scythe. Also it would be nice if we could sharpen the weapons to our liking. I think there would be a sharpening stone near the blacksmith that people could go up to and use for the swords to make the experience more interesting.

Personal twist (optional)
If you’ve got more thoughts on how the feature could look, but it’s not essential to the core idea, let us know here!

Everything except the sharpening exists in the game. I’d suggest browsing through the screenshot channel in the discord or asking some people in general about their weapons.

i would love to see engravings in the game