Tavern with a music box

A tavern with a music box inside to relax and have fun in

Core concept
Tavern has mead dispenser in it that makes the screen wobble and if you drink enough maybe some hallucinations. The Music box inside might looks something like a jukebox but bigger. The Music box should play sea shanties and Viking music.

:smiley: someone’s been playing Sea of Thieves, eh? This isn’t a bad idea though, everyone needs downtime occasionally, and sometimes that downtime needs to be drunken and rowdy!

The idea didnt come from sea of thieves funny enough, just slightly supported with by the drunkeness. I just thought that by the overall feel of the game it should have this because its nice to have a place to have some fun viking music and sea shanties and just hang out for a while, nice relaxation on fun. the sea shanties part came from someone in the discord idea discussion chat : )

lets get the devs to add music instruments, that’ll be better than a music box, in opinion.


This would be excellent, drop a coin or 2 in and it belts out medieval music, or viking, or sea shanties.
Must include a volume knob lol