Team up Skills

Simply put, learned skills that two or more players are needed to execute.
this will encourage teamwork and strengthen the idea that a town is stronger together
rather than separated.

Imagine two players locked in battle with a particularly large number of monsters.
they use different weapons but have similar skills that work together like a shockwave.
if they perform it together at relatively the same time and aftershock occurs as a bigger
shockwave dealing extra dmg and pushing away anything that’s light enough

i imagine this could work with other aspects of the game like if two players forge a weapon together
the weapon will perform a little better when those friends are nearby each other
or a tree gives a few more wood chunks out when knocked down,
a group of 4 or more players firing powerd up arrows at the same target could
trigger a storm of arrows,

but its just an idea. how would you fine tune this idea to work better?

Team based skills :thinking:
Could be cool if each players chooses a skill ‘part’, and then based on the combination determines the effects.


yeah that sounds even better than my twist!


This would be really cool to have. It would lead to teams, that have teammates sync with each other, a lot more rewarded, so playing together isn’t just adding each other’s strengths, but multiplying it, which would be so fun.

Also the idea reminds me of something similar that was in SAO.

I think having some meta data on items that keeps track of certain scenarios (and how it was made) and with enough persistent use in those scenarios (for example two archers that use the same bow (each) would slowly increase the value that ties each of the bows to each other, their owners and the other bow while it’s being held by the other owner. (a specific value for just that), this value could increase even faster (or have a stonger effect) if the bows were foraged about the same time and/or are made from similar materials/design.

I don’t think having a whole effect from just that would be good, but small buffs that grow with the value would be good.

The items might pickup junk data (such as from that one time you partied up and fought with link compatible items, but a value under a certain threshold would be cleared after enough time of the value not being increased, so the small stuff will be forgotten, but the three staffs from you and your two friends that adventured around and fought monsters with for months would always remember it even if they all were lost to each end of the game world, damaged to the point where they wouldn’t be useful without heavy repairs.

Edit: Also to avoid items making too many checks it might fixate on one or a few values that it only checks to update after they have gotten to a high enough value level, but if that value isn’t increased in a long time it will start looking for other meta values to increase/add.

That would be cool, homogeneous combinations might lead to more power focused effects that aren’t that good in small groups (low damage, wide range) but with enough would eventually ramp up to enough damage to be worth while, heterogeneous combinations would generally lead stronger and varying effects, but require more skill and coordination from the players.


So … somewhat like Spellchains or Skillchains in some other games, that have a tertiary effect as a result from the mix of skills/spells used together. This would be amazing, in whatever manifestation the Township Tale would spin it to :slight_smile:
Imagining something like the skill/spellchains in FFXI online, or what Anthem did with primers and detonators, but would be nice if it was impossible to chain without another person, so to really encourage people co-operating in more ways.


encouraging cooperation is exsacly what i wanted. it would make for
an even friendlier community.


Yeah, just having two people go fight some monsters is cool, but both of them are still kind of doing their own thing, with this there is an element of intimacy (not in the lewd way) where both of them are relying on each other.


kinda like those overly choreographed cartoons where you see characters pull off
insane maneuvers together that couldn’t possibly have been more planed out
despite how on the spot and unexpected the encounter was.

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I don’t remember seeing anything like that so I’m not sure. I would think there wouldn’t be too much movement (locomotion) on each player’s part since there is desync, but not a very strict amount of time either, so you could do it fast, but both players need to do it fast then.

Two pairs of players (doing the same combo) might do it really well , but if you swap who is with who you will likely throw it off unless both pairs were somehow doing it at the same speed as each other.

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So the combo has a sort of tempo to boost it’s effect, and you and your partner naturally curve into each other’s tempos over time. But somebody else will struggle to match it exactly.


Yeah, though the problem is you can’t see your partner in the place they should be for the combo because of desync, maybe you got a ghost version of them that is player where they would be without desync at their normal tempo? Though that would make it hard to adjust your temp with someone overtime, maybe you’d just have to ignore the ghost or something.

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well its not literally about choreography. i just wanted to suggest that if 2+ players perform
a skill relatively at the same time the game figures out what result to output.

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Oh yeah I get that, I was just suggesting more input so that you might be able to do a combo okay (and slow) with some random person, but a group can get skilled together using it and it becomes a special tie the players in that group have with each other.

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Ahh like a friendship system mixed with special team attacks

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Yeah something like that, not that 2+ people couldn’t do a special attack well right off the bat, but it would likely take practice.

I still like the other idea you suggested about having boost from different things such as from them being forged together, could lead to awesome relic items that, at least in the owner’s hands, has a boost to it’s abilities from a long time of use and care.

If we ever get a repair system that would be cool

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Oh yeah I forgot that it needs that, but don’t worry, we will get it.

I remember Bossun agreeing with the idea of the items eventually not breaking, instead it would just not work after awhile, so that it can be repaired even if it was lost and abused.