Telecommunications Bracelet

A crystal bracelet that allows you to communicate to others wearing a similar bracelet.

Core concept
Using Gold, Silver, and crystal shards you can construct a bracelet that allows players wearing it to communicate to other players who have linked bracelets by holding them close to each other and activating them. In close proximity the bracelets can also point you in the direction of your friend on the bracelet.

Edit001: changed how bracelets link together

The problem with this is it could easily feel too techy and weird for the setting. Maybe more of an “enchanted item” route would be better?

I’ll have to look up some ways people have put long distance comunication into fantasy worlds.

Edit: After looking around, I think having the communication tool need to bond/link with other ones before they can communicate would move it away from a “magic radio waves” feel, also maybe just a rare crystal or artifact instead of something that connects to the wrist so it’s less talki watch kind of feel.


I like that idea too, also makes linking the lines way easier and matches up with the whole proximity thing Magic Tech in the game already does!

Possibly a basic voice amplification effect? Increased audacity range and maybe even some reverb?
It would be useful for many things.

Future boss fights:

  • Designated strategist? Someone who can guide the others into a semblance of order
  • Powerful mages calling out their spell rotations for efficient fighting


  • Finding others lost in a cave, having an even greater efficacy due to the enclosed space of a cave


  • I’d imagine I wouldn’t be the only one wanting to use this to mess around with others.

Good concept, overall. Curious to see how the community takes it.

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I want to tame a hawk or dove and give it messages to fly to town with. Not sure if birds was an actual form of communication or if it was just a fantasy thing, but that does not matter. I don’t think I’ll ever like the idea of real-time long distance communication in ATT… But it could be useful for the boss party to send a hawk as it would be faster than a human messenger. Also, on the subject of bosses, can we have some easier bosses like little world bosses like a bandit chieftain or something. If a player was decked enough they could defeat a world boss. The big boss on the other hand, can not be defeated by one person. Bigger bosses have to be defeated to access some different parts of the world.

Would love to see this, would allow me to talk to people from across the map without using discord

I think sending messages by bird would be better for the longest communication for most people.

You could have the crystal communicators that can communicate farther the higher quality and size that the crystal is to make it impractical for far far communication, at that point you start sending messages by bird.

Nor sure if that would make all sides happy or not though.

If the communication is tedious then people will just use discord instead of the in-game communication. It shouldn’t be complicated or hard to achieve.

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That is true, the communication needs to have some stuff that discord just can’t bring to the table, such as attachments, being able to put it in a book if it’s a piece of paper. and for the crystals, the normal smaller ones would be quicker to use, and larger more stationed ones could be useful for contacting people less known people, such as talking to people in another town for info on the town.

I’m not sure if it would be enough, but there is the fact that getting out of VR (for people without VRdesktop) can be very tedious already, and typing with VR controllers is still annoying at best.

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Don’t know if this idea would fit but what if the crystal bracelets would only work in areas covered with “magic”. That means in the wild you couldn’t just use the bracelet anywhere you had to rush to resorts to talk.

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I think to make this a more viable option than Discord is to have communication linking very quick and easy. Discord is definitely the overall powerhouse for communication, but leaving VR to communicate over long distances is a little immersion breaking, so I’d like an incentive to stay in VR.

How about a floating menu orb option thingy that gives you a little object that people can hold together for a length of time to link?

Making it work in limited areas would just annoy people. However, making it have a range (would have to be quite large, to be honest) would be viable.