Teleportation Locomotion needs nerfing or removing

I understand why we have teleportation in the game. Some people are motion sick and can’t handle smooth locomotion and the game lacks a jump function so teleportation must be used for that. But as it stands, teleporting is overpowered and users that use teleportation have an advantage over those who do not use teleportation. Users who use teleportation can move way faster than those using smooth locomotion and it combat it effectively allows them to teleport around their target which is unfair as they can gain an advantage just for using that locomotion.

I have two fixes for this problem:

  1. Nerf teleporting to make it equal to smooth locomotion and disable it in combat
  2. Remove teleporting from the game entirely

Nerfing Teleporting will allow people who experience motion sickness to continue playing the game but still be at the same level of power as everyone else, but during combat they would not be able to use it and potentially put at a disadvantage. Also, teleporting can be immersion breaking for some users when they see it.


Removing teleporting completely. This will make sure there is no way that the game can be unbalanced due to types of movement but also doesn’t allow users who experience motion sickness to play easily. It also makes sure that all users are immerses and nobody is teleporting around the map.

To see your general opinion I’m gonna make a poll on this post to see what option you like the most, or if you want to keep the game as it is now.

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Keep the game as it is

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Teleportation very much needs a Nerf, it is very overpowered in combat and it’s much faster than Smooth locomotion, it should not stay the same, but it shouldn’t be removed, I think disabling in combat would be very nice

But that would force anyone with motion sickness to get sick if they need to fight.

Yeah but in combat teleporting is insanely over-powered as you can teleport out of the way of attacks or behind your enemy to attack them. It is rly unfair

Then give a better alternative than “shoving the person out of the wheel chair because it goes to fast.” You are basing the assumption that tele locomotion is unfair and should be removed from combat on the unnerffed tele locomotion we have now.
Maybe once it is nerffed it won’t be so bad.

Oh great I just realized option one has “remove it from combat” at the end.

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Teleporting doesn’t make any sense in combat at all. There is pretty much no way you can balance that because it allows people to move instantly from any two spots

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No, that is disingenuous, if you could only teleport an inch every minute it would still “allows people to move instantly from any two spots” though any two spots means the range of the teleportation in both instances.

There is a balance of cool down and distance in combat that would make them about the same in fairness, but be different in style.

I would say not allowing teleportation in combat with players in the PVP world would be fine since you aren’t really so likely to have people that are prone to motion sickness in that server. Either that or make it “PVP is for tough people including having a tough stomach.”

I don’t think you understand that you are complaining that teleporting is better in PVP while you are asking for it to be removed so that people that use teleport locomotion is at a disadvantage in combat, they just can’t use the movement that makes them not sick.

Keeping teleportation
Teleporting feels like a vital mechanic to this game. When I play VRChat I often miss the ability to teleport in various situations. I’ll switch between teleporting and moving a lot while playing (I don’t PVP much). Getting over rocks and roofs and mountains feels really good to me.

Keeping it in combat
I don’t think teleportation should be removed from combat. I’ll agree to having it nerfed for combat or locomotion buffed.

Using teleportation in combat feels like a superpower. It’s very fun and feels very cool. Because it is fun I think it’d be better to nerf the mechanic so it can still be fun to use but not completely overpower someone not using it.

Maybe add/raise the teleport cooldown only during combat.
Or make it so the enemy can see where you are about to teleport.

It would ideal if the mechanic was made so that it could be just a little bit better than locomotion but it is really hard to master and use well and requires a lot of smart and quick thinking.

Example of the ability to see where the enemy will teleport.

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Removing teleporting entirely is definitely something we can’t do at this stage. As you know, most of the map was designed while teleportation was the only option. And out of combat, being able to climb boulders and do all sorts of things feels really good.

In combat however… I tend to agree. There’s numerous ways I could imagine balancing it a bit more:

  • Decreasing teleport distance in combat
  • Not allowing damage to be dealt to another player within X seconds after teleporting
  • Not allowing teleporting within X seconds of dealing damage to another player
  • Blend variations of the above (ie. shorter teleport range after damaging, reduced damage after teleporting, etc.)

I don’t think messing with damage is a good idea, but displaying teleporting destinations to remote clients when in combat may be better on top of the distance/growth nerfs. That way you can see where they’ll end up. Maybe even delaying the motion of teleporting with the button release, so that the remote clients can see a committed destination.

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Honestly I think teleportation should be swapped to out of body movement where your camera stays behind your character smooth locomotion’s there (jumps etc) then once complete you fade out and back into your character. Would solve all issues for combat, motion sickness and jumping

1 fix to solve everything


Nerfing Teleporting will allow people who experience motion sickness to continue playing the game but still be at the same level of power as everyone else, but during combat they would not be able to use it and potentially put at a disadvantage. Also, teleporting can be immersion breaking for some users when they see it.

  • Yes
  • Something else
  • Keep the game as it is

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I use locomotion but im also able to teleport when i want to. i dont play pvp so maybe im missing something. but it seems like people who can slide AND teleport would have the advantage over those who can only teleport

Most likely a small advantage since there wouldn’t be many use cases where teleportation is worse than smooth (only example I could see is being able to use smooth locomotion right after teleporting to avoid an attack while teleport is in cool down), though I haven’t played since the forest update that changed the movement so I might be wrong.

Also I don’t think that would really change the discussion of the thread since it’s more about how one locomotion is unfair in how much better it’s combat effectiveness is compared to the other.