Teleportation Potions

The Ability to brew potions that teleport you to different set locations

The current teleportation potion is really useful, however getting it can sometimes be a chore. If it was able to be brewed (maybe when alchemy or potion making is a thing) then it would be easier to keep stocked and be more useful. Also, the tower is really far away, so if it was possible to brew a teleportation potion that teleported you to the foot of the tower, would be really great being able to have that avaliable to players who want to brew it up for quicker access.

Could have a complex list of ingredient or cook method. Have different potions for different locations to teleport to, I.E. Mines entrance, Forest entrance

What about a “Quick-travel Potion”? Place one finger on a point on one of the map boards, drink potion with other hand, go to location?
Dunno if it’s the best idea, but just trying to give another option with usable game mechanics :slight_smile:

Being able to fast travel to anywhere one the map might not be good for an item you can make. I feel like it would be better suited for a super late game item that allows you to travel to different map boards that have another special item installed to them. That way to fast travel you have to build the travel infrastructure.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean anywhere on the map. Just between map boards (as those are shown on each board?). But yeah, I’m not really suggesting it at all.

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There was an Altacast with a big segment on alchemy and they even talk specifically on the teleport potion and that it will be made using alchemy.

Not really, right now it’s pretty easy to get and if you want to get some buckets you can even kind of stock up on it (will be easier after housing if their is something like the barrel you can put in houses for storing liquid.) once it’s made by alchemy it’ll probably be a bit harder to make and have a price tag on it since instead of taking a trip to pick some up you need to use up materials to make it.

I think travel like that would be better suited for something else more teleporter like, the teleport potion kind of works in the way that it’s taking you to where your soul comes back to (spawn point) but potions that take you just to geographic locations of significance seems weird, better fit for old crystal tech, and also that it can be more fun when you actually have to travel places instead of skipping the inbetween.

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