Text is misaligned on the server description board

The text alignment on the server description board in the main menu is off. The top and right margins are way too big, causing text to overflow outside of the board.
It has been like this for a very long time, can’t recall when it started happening but it’s not in any recent game update.

Reproduction Steps:
Select a server, watch the board. It’s consistent for every server. Have also verified with other users that they see the same thing.

Highly related bug, possibly even same cause so I’m adding it as a comment.

Text is floating mid-air in the server selection.

See the floating text in the selector wheel center column in the screenshot below.
It says “there are”. Looking at the full server description for the server, it reads this:

Erebor is a PVE based server with a community entered focus. An elegantly transformed rustic town (Hint of Skyrim) with a flower and forestry theme. The server offers Community Housing as well as additional housing upgrades for players to purchase. In order to allow player safety and privacy, there are “Chunk restriction bots” that will keep other players out of your home! Guild Halls and Commission based jobs have been created! There are no requirements to join a guild.

Maybe it’s the quotation mark after the there are text causing the glitch, or maybe it’s just a side effect of the description board overflowing.
I have not seen the floating text appear for any other server.