The 4 ancient swords

A set of 4 different swords earns by defeating 4 ancient blade masters each one with an ability no1 flying no2 speed no3 strength no4 health

Core concept
To establish a leadership whoever gets all four can put them in their hot bar pockets to unlock the god sword

Personal twist * when the god sword is spawned the four swords shall disappear to prevent more than one god sword the god sword can’t break dose a truck load of damage and can summon creatures to fight your enemy’s when combined with a phantom guard it becomes darker and more strong maintaining its abilities and so that no creatures will attack you because they recognize you as a god and you can have a new ability that makes it so you can raise sword and point it to fire a beam of earth, water, fire, air, darkness, and light and the ability to summon the blade masters. the blade masters shal be around the map in different places with peak fighting skills if it is dropped it goes straight into your bag or any free space to prevent it from being stolen and you keep it if you die

There is such a thing as too OP (Over Powered).

Before even diving into the amount of code work involved with 4 bosses, unique swords, weapon merging, and a host of super abilities, I gotta ask: what purpose does this idea serve towards the overall gameplay? We have a game whose whole selling point is strength through teamwork, and this would introduce a kill-em-all god weapon. It sounds like god mode. What do you do with all this power once you have it? Just play god on 1 server and rule over anyone that wants to play? Are there stronger enemies that only a god sword can defeat?

The flipside to this super sword, is not just Player VS Everything, but Player VS Player.
What sort of ramifications do you see this causing in a PVP-enabled server? What if a mean player/troll has the god sword? What if they quit the server forever? If one person earns the god sword and goes away, and then a new person earns the sword (if allowed), but the old god sword owner returns: are there 2 swords then? Does person 1 or 2 magically lose their copy? Or does the server lose out on the god sword even if the player never returns? If it leaves them after so long, how long? A week? A month?

Let's talk sword details. (click)

The abilities for 1 weapon as you describe are:

  • single special item (a whole new rareness category)
  • indestructible (everything else can be broken in-game, but NOT this…)
  • a “truck load” of damage (sooo insta-kill a newby? Defeat the purpose of combat skills / upgraded metals?)
  • ally creature summon (How do you command them? Do they attack only? How many? Are they exact copies of existing creatures, or ghost-versions, or something new entirely?)

Further amplified by a phantom guard (But it’s a pre-built godlike-rarity weapon… how do you customize something that powerful…? Magic items tend to not like being re-arranged. Think of a Harry Potter magic wand.)

  • amplified ability: laser (guess the Ranger is pointless/obsolete now)
  • amplified ability: summon bosses that use original swords (while still keeping the God sword existing…? But the boss(es) would have THEIR sword… hmm? Not to mention if this is the endgame goal, what are these summoned bosses fighting if not other players or the simple creatures?? That’s a lot of power to fight sprigguls or gotera.)
  • cannot be dropped, soul-bound (not lost on death) (And what, in your idea, happens if you have 0 empty pockets? Mail it in the mailbox? +1 Magic slot for god sword only?)

The thing about power, that this post COMPLETELY overlooks, is that power comes at a cost. Typically a VERY expensive cost. Example: Full Metal Alchemist, the main character(s) attempt to use forbidden alchemy to revive their dead mother, instead they create a goopy zombie, 1 character loses his physical body, and the other loses an arm and leg. They pay an immense cost, of 1 and 1/5 bodies AND the supposed ingredients for the human body (but not the soul/spirit), all for a horribly failed revival.
In life, this is known as the cost of magic: the life force of the caster and the components they use. In video games, this is the concept of Mana and game balance.

Take for example human mythology: (click)

the four swords of (magic) power are Excalibur, Clarent, Joyeuese, and Durendal. Excalibur is the most famous, given the movies, pop culture, and King Arthur wielding it (in lore). Their auras respectively(in order) are ice, fire, earth, and wind.
Durendal is from the same igneous rock used at Stonehenge. However the swords are believed to be older than the Earth, tools used by “Archons”, or gods pre-dating time and existence or “God”.
Excalibur and Clarent are twin swords (fire and ice), practically resembling one in subtle ways. In the presence of one another, they fuse together to form something even more powerful. Together, the two swords have a multitude of abilities, chiefly the ability to create a ley-gate (teleport portal) on the spot.

What the above text does not mention, is that in wielding any of the 4 swords of power, they whisper thoughts into the mind of the sword’s wielder, sap their strength/mana/life/memories, and magically burn the wielder’s hand(s).
The whispering ranges anywhere from wise battle strategy, to criminally insane suicidal ego-stroking, all the way to the screams and last moments of those the sword had cut down OR turned on. They also have a magnetic attraction to one another, either fusing when wielded by a singular magic-user, or violently clashing with added strength in combat against each other. In this way, the swords have a mind of their own.

In order to wield the swords of legend, the user must have immense spiritual pressure or “power of will”. A smart magic-user would construct magical mental barriers, to protect the power of the self/memories from being rapidly drained. When not actively using a sword, one might wrap it in ceremonial cloth, to protect/conceal the blade and avoid accidental magic drain via contact.

Failure to protect the wielder or have enough magi power would result in the swords eating through the limited mana of a typical person, resulting in spontaneous human combustion. Even an experienced user is at risk, if they aren’t careful or strain themselves. And that’s if the swords don’t convince you to just dive into combat recklessly head first.

Magyk Meanderings: The Four Swords of Power
Swords of Power | The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki | Fandom

Ok it dose semi a little op so maybe it can only be available if the server owner enables it and you can’t have a back pack if you have it anywhere on your body along with removing the idea of spawning the blade masters and it’s you can’t use other tool anymore while holding it instead you have to mine it with the sword doing 1 minute to mine 1ore or to dig up a hole and it has a grace period on new players about 2 -3 hours so they can get stuff and if you use it on to many people you get jump scared by a random goast of a blade master that can only attack you and yes there can only be one but there are swords that there are only one of to that you can only get 2of if you reset server a maby for holidays it can’t attack players

While I’m glad you are prepared to dial back the power for realism/balance, I think you missed a bit:

This is arguably the most important question, so I will ask it in a more broad, simple question:

WHY should Township Tale add ‘The 4 ancient swords’?
There are thousands of idea posts, so why does this one deserve one of the few spots for game features?

That is the biggest issue with this idea, is that sure it would be awesome to be Superman powerful, but WHAT FOR?? Is it just to be cool? What do we USE the power for? Cause it SOUNDS cool, but so do jetpacks, nuke launchers and hover cars…

I know it’s just an idea so it dose not have to be added so it’s only if they want to and I’m fine with it if they don’t add it cause many ideas are come up with only a few get in

I like the idea, but I think I want some stupid strong debuff to it too, like having it eat into your nutrition while using it, or making it really hard to handle cause it’s so dang heavy, to balance it out. The guys you need to fight seem like they’d be really difficult sword play action, like beyond boss level difficulty, god difficulty to match the power, something you’d probably only be able to defeat with a big group of people, ayyyy it would come all round circle with the theme of the game.

I don’t like the idea of spawning the masters while using it, seems like adding an unnecessary bit to the weapon. I think copying the move set of the masters may let you use whatever abilities they were using may be a fun alternative. Also requiring you to master the abilities of all 4 to “unlock” the true power of the god sword. Maybe having it so if you do all 4 moves consecutively or a combination of the 4 will pull off some all powerful move.

I think your idea would add to a bit of the fantasy aspect too, which I like.