The ability to stick handles/weapons into the ground

A way or two that will allow players to add something to the handle that will make it stick like the shovel or kunai

Core concept
Maybe the ability to add a stake to the other end of a wooden handle so it sticks to the ground by shoving it into the ground like a shovel it could be something of a pummel I guess, or the feature that would allow that if the arrow head or ‘spike’ was on the other end of the handle (for the stake think of the ones that people put crystal shards on)

Personal twist (optional)
Not a single clue about a personal twist just ask CJ he was just too ‘busy’ to write it and I didnt want this idea to get lost as I really like it

Another option could be allowing us to carve the end of wooden handles so they can’t take a pommel, but can be stuck into things like the wooden stakes.

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You would think an axe could stick into wood, especially decor wood that doesn’t chop down.
Or that a pickaxe could stick out of a stone.

Just lob the tool at the surface with enough OOMF and it sticks.

But I think the embedded nature of the shovel is the source of majority of it’s glitchiness, and that wouldn’t be good for axe/pickaxe when they are the lifeblood of the game.