The birds the bees and the farming of animals

pretty much farming for ATT

Core concept
a new building that can be build in the main town that also has a small fenced area you can put animals in to farm you have to feed them grass at first but some animals have different tastes.

the area would have a couple other build recipe stands around town which are shown when the farm building is made so you can have more then 1 pen of animals

the animals can be found around the world ( the plains could have a cow type walking around and a sheep one for example ) you can guide them to the pens with a lead ( you can craft after finding the recipe * )

faming animals gives you milk / wool / meat ( if you so prefer ) and milk can be consumed for health / nutrition and the wool can be used as a alternative to leather for other styled items.

wool has to be sheered by by forging a set of sheers at the black smith ( mould found somewhere ) and after sheering has to be woven into a sheet of fabrick which is then used to craft items with :stuck_out_tongue:

the animal sounds will add more ambiance to the village and it will get people to collect them.

the moment hte animals are in the pens they wont run off and just walk around.
you can breed animals to get more of them or they randomly multiply by them selves ( you’d have to make male / female models to get that )
if you dont want there to be more animals then you need
get only males or females if you want to breed then add both o3o

its kinda simple o3o

  • recipe for a lead might be a couple of rope knot pieces that are already in the game so you’d only have to make a lead model