The Demanding


A long term challenge to keep townspeople engaged through a constant struggle against a powerful, unkillable entity.

The Demanding

  • A constant challenge to players that can never be permanently beaten or killed, only delayed results in a constant need for players action and coop.
  • Moves slowly or has a telegraphed arrival, which gives players time to prepare a defense.
  • A sound that warns everyone of his presence, like the phantoms have
  • Need for action of the players:
    • The monster devours all crops he meets on his way, even Sprigguls (and other meat bearing creatures) will get attacked, leaving no food for the players
    • Players with more than the standard 8 health bars may also be attacked (for more see fight)
    • Also built up structures like towers, bridges, staircases and player houses may get destroyed
  • Monster’s movement and behavior:
    • If not attacked or close to players with more than 8 HP, the Demanding will care less to none for the settlers and roams the map following different “life sources” to devour them. Those life sources are all edible plants, creatures and players with more than 8HP
    • The more players with way above 8HP gather at one place, the more it will tend to go there
    • Can follow those players for a while
    • Movement speed could lay between player (speed 1) walk and run
    • The demanding can be outrun easily
    • The monster may attack other mobs and eat Schmeechees!
  • Appearance:
    • Like the phantoms this monster shows more a presence than a body as long as it’s tranquil. Like a mist of pure shadows it shows no clear form
    • The sound it makes plus the swell of depravity, will be enough to make his arrival clear
    • Even when idle it can be attacked right away and doesn’t need gotera bombs or such
    • As it changes into fighting mode, the monster’s physical form will be more visual with dozens of sharp looking eyes and long dark tentacles.

See reference:

  • Fight:
    • As soon as the monster gets attacked, it will start to fight back, no matter the HP of the player
    • If players in range with more than 8HP, the monster will attack that player(s) on its own
    • First interest for the monster will always be the player(s) with the most HP ASC
    • Fight can be challenging but not impossible for a skilled single player
    • Most effective weapons are made of crystals or contain them (crystal shard pommels / arrows with crystal tips)
    • Most effective alloy is electrum (because it has a light color and valyan is so overrated)
    • Hitting the Demanding with those special weapons will have a chance to cripple it and deal more damage
    • If a player gets killed by the monster it will feed on his life reducing 1 MaxHP (down to the level of a 8HP newbie)
    • When fighting in a group, tanks with the most HP can distract it, because it will always attack those first
    • During a fight the Demanding can be trapped
  • Trapping:
    • The Demanding can only be trapped by a group of players. Not a single player alone
    • A trap / cage is made by placing special posts of light around him.
    • As soon as at minimum 6 active posts are placed,they will form bonds of light between them and trap the monster. the Demanding stops fighting and stays mostly calm in his prison, only trying to escape from time to time
      • 0 - 5 active posts: he knocks off single posts and escapes / fights
      • 6 - 10 active posts: he is trapped and tries to knock down 1 post per day
      • 10+ active posts: sealed more, knocks 1 down every X days
    • Posts are:
      • 1 long straight handle + crystal pommel + electrum lantern + shovel head / designed metal spike
      • to make these we require mining, woodcutting, carpentry, forging, crafting
      • lanterns must be filled with Crystals infused with Light energy. These crystals will eventually deplete in energy, making it easier for the Demanding to knock them over.
      • posts can be used to “push away” the Demanding when a group of players carry them in a circle or wall like formation
  • Kill or trap:
    • If killed, the monster drops some loot and will disperse into the air, only to reappear somewhere else.
    • If trapped and contained, the players have to uphold its cage and earn some minor loot over the time it’s trapped
  • Long term solution:
    • Players can build structures like towers on specific places on the map to prevent the Demanding’s return. This will need some materials and work.
    • The towers have to be defended and maintained because other mobs can attack and destroy the towers.
      70% or less of the towers are active - the monster can spawn but is slowed down
      100% towers are active - the monsters keeps sealed away as soon as its defeated
  • Player triggered / reacting to players progress
    • Player action can further delay/hasten the Demanding returning to the Town and attacking?
    • The more players and especially well leveled players are online, the more active the monster gets and will spawn in order to feed on this world’s life. (Number of players + (0.5 * total HP / number of players))
  • Pre-Existing Lore
    • Talks about cults and religions by the devs
    • Slight info given to us through cosmetic lore (found here)
  • Need for Coop:
    • Solo fighters may be able to fight the monster but it can be only trapped by a group of players
    • The big professions must work together:
  • Miners bring the needed crystals and crystal weapons plus gold and silver
  • Warriors and rangers fight it back
  • blacksmiths make electrum and all needed metal parts
  • Carpenters make the long straight handles and stakes
  • Crafty peeps make the posts and lanterns
    • Once trapped, the townsfolk has to contain the monster and repair its cage

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Maybe you need to fight through a dungeon and destroy something (something thematic for the mob’s design) to stop the famine.

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we decided to specify this monster more and an update on this will come in a couple of hours


We have a lot of work to do!


I really like it, an ancient evil that can be sealed away, the idea of being able to make more and more elaborate deterrents that all slowly degrade one way or another.

Being able to craft golems and other defenses for the sealing towers, and of course those golems would need maintenance, but you wouldn’t need players to defend every tower raid.

What if sealing it away wasn’t the only way to deal with it? Maybe there could be a purifying process that lets the players temporarily change the entity.
For example you could purify it and then change it to a being of forests/harvest which could have a passive effect on crops in a large range of it, or you could change it to something more holy/light aspecty that could heal players near it and rarely saves players from the verge of defeat in a battle.
But The Demanding is a creature of corruption and if you don’t use countermeasures, much like the sealing towers, it will eventually succumb to corruption and revert back. I think it could give a cool bonus to players in a server that are able to keep it purified.

The enitity could even give aspect related quests in some way and could be a source of artifact items, such as powerful weapons.

Corrupted loot

It would be interesting to get different unique materials from this, possibly somewhat corrupt in nature as it comes from the corrupted being, maybe if The Demanding is trapped in a cage it then it could be occasionally attacked for more loot/materials but with that loot/materials being even more corrupt.
Corrupt materials and loot are mostly normal but if not handled with care will have slight effects that suite The Demanding, such as weakening things that seal/trap The Demanding if the item is nearby.
The corrupting nature kind of punishes those that try to control The Demanding and use the profit from it (since these items are more of a problem in large amounts and the more communal option of purifying The Demanding gives benefits that can’t as easily be controlled and isn’t kind of torturing a being of corruption.

Environmental influences
It would be cool if The Demanding could effect areas on the map (limited amount at a time) such as corrupting a forest and the animals inside which it could have fight with it in battles.
What would be really cool is if in worlds that have sealed it away but don’t have every single sealing tower could have an area (in the area where the sealing tower would protect) start to show signs of corruption which if left unchecked could result in The Demanding coming back.

Protection from The Demanding
You could have it so that players can protect areas from it by surrounding an area with the same items that make the cage as a fence. This would be resources draining in the long run (The Demanding could knock down one post from any number of fenced in areas in X days instead of the usual one it would be able to if it was caged in) compared to actually dealing with The Demanding, but could give players a way to protect themselves and their land if for some reason they can’t seal it away. (Other players won’t cooperate, players actively keeping it from being sealed away etc,)

I really like your idea for this thing, gives a more dynamic world where some servers have it under control, others fight and some might try to avoid it as much as possible.


Your ideas are really good additions!
And if those posts are able to push him back, they should be also able to hold him back.
Maybe the players come up with even more ways to use those and use them to control him.


I like this, because its basically saying as soon as you take up a heart flower you’ve signed a contract saying you agree to have something “immortal” try to kill you. You’ve signed a death warrent.
At least… this is what I THINK… :wink:

And just a question, once The Demanding is trapped, could you take off a post yourself and release him?

just wondering

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Probably be best if it’s hard to do, since this is a cooperative game, at least so just one troll getting close doesn’t mean the demanding getting released. Maybe have to where you have to generally destroy a post to release it?

Well besides some trolls we all agree to wanna have the demanding contained well.

If destroying a post makes a server wide noise, all other player would be warned and be able to stop that punk or restore the cage.

How does that sound to you?


Oh yeah good idea, make it so breaking a post can be done, but it takes time and isn’t something you can really do stealthily, maybe not server wide noise (Reminds of the wither noise in Minecraft, doesn’t really make sense on most servers) (Don’t want that if people are just moving the containment).

Hmm also the problem of people doing when no one is on in a server that sometimes doesn’t have anyone on, could also have the prerequisite of needing it to be like the full moon (or something else) so it doesn’t need constant protection by players.

On the other hand for moving it (which might need a percentage of the people that originally captured it) you could have it so you need one person for each post any everyone lifts the posts at once and then they can move the cage around that way.


this is by far the best idea on this website. but more for the servers that want a big challange and quite possible alot of lag.
what if around the demanding a blanket of black smoke (and maybe even becoming darker) is on the ground further alerting of it’s presence.

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