The Farlands (previously known as The Purge)

One of the longest-running servers in A Township Tale, The Purge is well known amongst players.

:crossed_swords: PvP is allowed, but in most cases, people are very friendly and far more likely to help or occasionally ask to duel.
:school_satchel: Equipment doesn’t drop on death.
:fast_forward: Double XP.
:game_die: Fun events.
:package: Partial gear transfer one time from a public server. Restrictions apply.
:ok_hand: (Usually) smoother server performance than public servers.
:exclamation: Other unique features coming very soon…

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Let The Purge begin!

how do you handle people suiciding to fast travel with gear drop disabled?

You don’t. Every system has its issues, and there is no way to prevent this one whilst maintaining the benefits of no-drop.

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Unless they get a death timer of like a min or 2, before they can respawn.

i thought i saw an option somewhere in the console to impose an exp loss penalty on death. i think id be willing to risk that to keep my gear… not that corpse runs in ATT are particularly harrowing. just kind of a time consuming inconvenience