The Game is Awesome - First Post Boys

Honestly y’all know how awesome Township Tale really is
But I had to say it again , the game is going in a really good direction !
It’s solid , there’s plenty to do and there’s an update every 2 weeks and that brings us a lot
of cool content.
I want to thanks the developers for the hard work and the loving and supporting community.
Big shoutout to the devs ! they totally deserve it !

Also, I just wanted to be the first one to post in the forum !

Cya in game.


Watch the game grow even bigger when they will add fricking lootcrates and unusual effects like in tf2

Unusuals ruined a lot of tf2 you know that right? We lost the artstyle to all kinds of whacky and quirky unusuals that didn’t fit with the original style. Also the market changed a lot. I don’t think unsuals are the best idea. Magic glowing around your head? I mean we sure need magic but, glowing hats? Dunno just ain’t feelin it chief.

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You don’t know how it feels to own an unusual. I my self for few of them in tf2, and I assure you, we need them here

Nah dawg, unusuals are the TF2 thing, I don’t think it’s a good idea to just copy other games, you’re just super obsessed with unusuals but I don’t think a lot of ppl are really craving for em. I think ATT should have it’s own original cosmetics and it’s own artstyle and it shouldn’t copy other games.

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Your not actually saying they should add loot crates, right?

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Oh man loot boxes would be a really bad idea, I think he meant maybe obtaining them as loot for killing monsters or whatever but loot boxes WILL ruin the game.

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